What’s a girl to do?

Well, I find this amusing considering that no one is reading this blog anyway, but, just for practice and to make myself feel better. . . My digital camera’s batteries died this past week because someone (probably me) put it back in the case whilst it was still on. Doh! So of course there are no pictures of my knitting on my knitting blog, YET! Anyway, I have been swamped with birthday socks, unfortunately, all of them will be late. I recently gained a father-in-law and found a week before hand that his birthday is September 18th. Ha! Oh joy, quick grab the needles. . . Then of course there is my Mom Besemer whose birthday is on September 20th. I had something knit up for her already, but didn’t think it was quite enough so I am finishing a hat to go with it, then it’s off to the post office. Tomorrow, is my mother’s birthday, who doesn’t ever want to be shown on my blog, and I have just started her present today. I will spill the beans as she already knows its coming late. I am designing my first pattern, socks. I hope you like them Mom. Life has been interesting this week, the monkey has been sick, first we started with an ER trip on Wednesday night because she had hives, I stayed home Thursday and then Friday more hives so she came to work with me. She has a nasty cough which I am praying does not turn into bronchitis. The girls at work and I skipped out on the AHA Heartwalk today. It was turning out to be a yucky day and 4 miles in the rain just didn’t sound appealing. Anyhow, we had already raised the money with other fundraisers (none of which were very heart friendly) so we did not see the point of the walk. Anyway, my boss, who wanted me to head this up said next year he would just give a donation instead. Thank you! Signing off to no one in particular. Keep checking back from time to time. I am still very new to blogging and will be learning as fast as I can.


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