Monkey Sick Day=Mom Mini-Vacation

The monkey is still very sick. I have spent the last two nights in a vicks vaporized bedroom up until 1:00 a.m., clinging to the side of her twin bed before sleep finally claimed her. Last night we added a heating pad to mix of all the vaporizers and medicines as her tummy is now really quite soar from all the coughing.

I have seriously downgraded my benefits package from my old job back in NY to my new one here in PA. I went from 2 weeks paid vacation and 1 week paid sick time to 5 paid days to use for both. Of course, now I am down to 1 day due to the monkey being so sick. I have also upgraded from near insanity and migraines to being dileriously happy where I work, so the trade off has been pretty great. I have been using her sick days as “mini-vacations”. Sleeping is always on the agenda as well as knitting the day away with my girl as she is on the mend. Her several sick days have actually ended up being very productive for me. I don’t know about them ahead of time so I can’t cram them full of other things, so I have been getting quite a bit done around the house.

A tiny piece of home sent from my Gigi, this is one of the many fall displays at a large farmstand, that I dearly miss, Frog Pond.



One Response to Monkey Sick Day=Mom Mini-Vacation

  1. Hope your monkey feels better soon! Nothing is worse than a sick kid!
    I grew up in western mass, and moved to PA (near Punxstawaney, Dubois) 7 years ago.

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