Squirrel Mode

Every fall a weird change takes place in my body. As the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin to change the urge to “nest” takes over. I begin canning and freezing every known vegetable to man, whether we eat them or not. I bake nearly everyday. I pull all the wool and alpaca from their summer hiding places and begin to plan Christmas presents, a fall wardrobe, you get the idea. Granted, by the time this urge passes so does the ambition to have a hand-knit Christmas. I honestly haven’t knit something for myself in over 2 years so forget the fall wardrobe.

This year is no exception, first it was canning peaches, now it’s applesauce. I have joined several KAL’s, I am all geared up for Socktoberfest and the Warm Hands KAL. With all the requests for socks I am sure I will be knitting well into November. I would love to make myself a pair of socks. Not to mention, did you see Ariann over at Chic Knits? I have this great Autumn orange worsted wool that is calling Ariann…Ariann…Ariann. I think it’s time I knit something for me, I can splurge once every 2 years right?

The belated father-in-law socks are nearing an end, I amhoping to finish them this weekend so I can gift them on Monday.


I think I cast on a little loosely with these, looks a little frilly at the top, other than that, these are great socks…..hmm, does Dad really want socks for his birthday?

The monkey was feeling a bit better yesterday afternoon, she saw my Warm Hands button and immediately requested mittens. When I told my husband he said, “I don’t get mittens too? I only get socks?”


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