My SSSS Pal Package Is Here!

Woot! It came! Wow, my ssss pal spoiled me rotten. Thanks Erin!

First of all, here it is in all it’s awesome rainbow glory…and it fits just right, thanks.


Isn’t it lovely! I really like the pattern, it looks like it will knit up real quick.

Also in the package: the dpn’s to knit the sock on, some great teal merino that is sooo soft. I think mittens. A cool Hello Kitty Magnet and a treasure trove of awesome Taiwanese snackies, which my monkey and I dove into as soon as the package arrived.



Very tasty. I love the cool marshmallows filled with a jam, jelly something. They are sooo good!

I love it! Thanks for making my day Erin.

Wow, I really didn’t spoil my SSSS buddy enough, gonna have to remedy that.

Oh, and the monkey is feeling better…



2 Responses to My SSSS Pal Package Is Here!

  1. what a great package! Love your sock, looks like your monkey is feeling much much better! *L*

  2. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the comment about my Fair Isle. You should try it sometime, it’s lots of fun.

    Glad to hear that the monkey is feeling better now.

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