Socktoberfest, Day 3

I am terribly upset. The addi turbo #1’s are still MIA. The dog, who is the namesake of this blog, decided he needed to take my great ball of yarn from my SSSS pal and string it across the living room floor. I know he wants to learn how to knit, I just know it. He never chews on the yarn, he just flounces it about the room. I threatened to make a purse out of him and got out the ball winder. Gave up, I’ll have to try again tomorrow. I decided perhaps now was a good time to start some mittens for the warm hands kal. Also, yesterday I gifted the father-in-law socks and forgot to take a picture. Doh! I need sleep. Tomorrow is a new day…

No knitting pics today, so I leave you with another Frog Pond Farm Stand nugget of autumnal goodness!



One Response to Socktoberfest, Day 3

  1. aaahhhh!!! Hope you get that ball of yarn all untangled!
    Love the pic

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