Fuzzy Britches

I thought I would introduce you to the namesake of my blog. We have two dogs, one is my daughters dog, Simon, he is the good dog, the big brother, the angel. The other dog is mine, he isn’t any of those things. He is a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, he’s one of those weird hairless dogs, only the powder puffs have hair. Same breed, just some are born hairless, others aren’t. His name is JinBao, the breeder named him “Chung” which I’m told means intelligent…that name HAD to go. JinBao goes by many names, Fuzzy Britches is what I call him, here are some of his other nicknames: Fuzz, Dork, FuzzyWuzzy, Fuzzily Butt, Stupid Dog, BadDog, You Bad Dog, If-You-Touch-The-Yarn-One-More-Time-I’ll-Bury-You-In-The-Backyard-JinBao! JinBao was a birthday present gone horribly wrong. His pictures were really cute and it seemed like a great idea…We aren’t even really sure that he is a dog. He’s just weird and cute and fuzzy and the best snuggler you will ever meet. He is notorious for dragging my yarn all over the living room. He never chews it or eats it, just shakes the ball into oblivion and then drags it around. I love to display my stash proudly as part of my decor, but he makes it challenging to say the least.

Weird JinBao Fact #11: He yells at the refrigerator. You see, whenever the ice maker turns on he runs, no matter where he is in the house, to the refrigerator and digs at the back of it while making monkey noises.

There will be more Favorite Weird JinBao Things, I promise, but for now a couple of pictures of my little guy.


“I just want to taste it Mom!”


Notice the basket full of tangled yarn…*sigh*


“Simon did it!”


One Response to Fuzzy Britches

  1. *LOL* Love the names that you call him! Sounds like me talking to one of my cats!

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