Stash Pride? Darn Right!

Am I proud of my stash? You bet I am!

Do I hide my stash away? No, it’s right in the living room, baskets and baskets of fibery goodness for all to see. Now normally it isn’t piled as you see it here, the baskets are in teh corner and peeking out from several places in the living room. It makes if feel cozy and woolly. See that basket there? That was all purchased on ebay when the monkey was sick several years ago and I was home from work. That basket? That basket is full of alpaca, all from animals I know and love. That basket in the corner? That is the basket full of every skein that JinBao has ever unraveled and I haven’t bothered to untangle yet for fear of killing him in shear frustration. Ok, I do have three 3′ x 2′ rubbermaid totes that slide under the couch, but the only reason those aren’t on display is because I ran out of baskets. Stash Pride? Heck ya, I ain’t no sissy!



3 Responses to Stash Pride? Darn Right!

  1. Yarn makes the best decorations! I keep most of mine out as well, I’m hoping to desensitize Mike from all the wool.. maybe he won’t notice the new additions if he sees it all over the place! *L*

  2. Cynthia says:

    I’ve always got great plans for displaying my stash, but it always ends up stacked up in my sewing/craft room (I can’t really walk in there anymore-it’s too full). Your stash looks great even with the ‘help’ you get from FuzzyBritches.

    You asked about using avatars on the blog? I use There’s a button on the right sidebar of their website called ‘export’ – they give you the code to cut and paste into your blog’s sidebar. It actually works; my avatar updates on the blog everytime I select a new favorite.

  3. moraie says:

    Right on! You can see my sock stash through my blog at I haven’t photographed it in it’s entirety yet.

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