Mitten Monday

I had a great visit with the parents this weekend. We relaxed, went to an Amish farmer’s market and got some amazing homemade shrimp and crab bisque. Stayed up past our bedtimes. Slept in. It was great. Mom brought me a care package from she and Gigi, a whole trunk full of fall veggies from Frog Pond, Yay!

Well, here it is, Mitten Monday and I still haven’t begun a pair. I have been bit hard by the sock bug, it is Socktoberfest after all, maybe November will be more about mittens. I began writting a pattern on Saturday for Belated Birthday socks for my mom. They are working up super duper fast. I started them Saturday afternoon and I’m on the heel flap already. I thought the cables would slow me down, but no, they move fast. Once I am done I will write up the pattern and post it for all of you. It’s for a ladies small/medium as the leg is rather small.

For you, Belated Birthday Socks.


And also, the Father-In-Law socks


Yay! I am sockin’ it to ya baby! I love how fast I can fly with my addi’s.


2 Responses to Mitten Monday

  1. ooohh.. ahhh!! I’m loven your belated birthday socks. what pattern are you using?
    Sounds like you had a great weekend too! yay! : )

  2. Mom says:

    You can post our Bob Evans picture with the knitting needles in your lap. 🙂

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