Stash Enhancing

My very dear friend brought me a great little thrift shop find yesterday. It is this crazy fingering weight yarn from Scotland in the colorway of “Blue Tartan”. I think it’s going to make some great socks. It’s going to get a bath this evening and then there will be pictures of course. I also won some gorgeous sock yarn on eBay yesterday called Black Cherry, it’s kettle dyed with black, grey, vermilion, pinks, and it just looks scrumptious. Can’t wait for it to get here. I really haven’t done much stash enhancing over the past year, a skein or two here or there for a project, but nothing bought out of shear spontaneity…the famine is over.


2 Responses to Stash Enhancing

  1. oohh, the yarn you bought off of etsy sounds scrumptious! You friend is definitely a keeper! Bringin you yarn! Whooohooot! : )

  2. cynthia says:

    You’ll need to post a picture of the ‘blue tartan’ yarn. It sounds intriguing. Sounds like you’ve trained your friend right – she knows you need yarn!

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