Tonight was the other half of the monkey swap weekend. We did our 2 1/2 hour drive up to get the kiddo. Afterwards we found ourselves wandering around Target for a bit and I found their chocolate section. Oh my. I found the Green & Black’s which came highly recommended by Julie. Do you see this? My husband is such a sweety, not only does he add to my yarn stash but look at the treats he got me! There is the Green & Black’s Dark 70%, Green & Black’s Espresso, Chocolove; Raspberries in Dark Chocolate, Ghirardelli Citrus Sunset, & Frey Supreme Citron & Poivre. Oh my, the taste buds are just a tingle in anticipation. Reviews will of course follow…the first up for Review is the Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70%.


A very high quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage. Delicious! C’est Magnafique! The first thing I notice is the bittersweet of the chocolate, then as it dissolves in your mouth the richness evolves into a very smooth deep finish with an almost tangy aftertaste. It is smooth and melts very nicely on the tongue. At $3.50 a bar it’s not a bad little indulgence and the richness insures that a little taste goes a long way.


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