Wonky Belated Birthday Socks…

I did not go to Rhinebeck…*sigh*. The irony is that I have lived in upstate NY all my life, a mere 2 1/3 hours from Rhinebeck, and it wasn’t until I moved to PA that I learned about the great woolly festival. Sad really.

I got a rather impatient email from my mother today wondering where her birthday socks were. Rrrgh. So I continued to knit away at them tonight, wondering why the blasted heel was so big and wonky when it occured to me…I NEVER TURNED THE HEEL FLAP! Sheesh, come on Tracey, get with it. So rip, rip, rip back to the heel flap, turn, turn, turn, we are back on track folks and we are looking at an ETA of Friday for an FO! Hang in there mom, there a ‘comin!

And…let me introduce you to two of my favorite guys, my husband and fuzzy britches, notice the unfolded laundry they are both laying on. My husband affectionately refers to JinBao as “Dork”.



One Response to Wonky Belated Birthday Socks…

  1. unfolded laundry is soooo comfy ; )

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