New WIP Itch

I am currently trying to resist the call to cast on as I am finishing the belated birthday socks. Now, most of you know the sound of this siren song. It happens usually midway through a project, you purchase a lovely new yarn, a great pattern, something like that and it calls you, gently, quietly at first. You keep knitting on your current project, working away at your labor of love. Your eyes drift across the room to the new handpainted sock yarn, or over to the new pattern you just downloaded sitting on your table. That sweet song soon becomes louder, more distracting until it’s almost as if it’s mocking you, “Come on, you can work on more than one or two projects at a time, cast me on, who’s it gonna hurt.” The next thing you know your current WIP is tossed aside as you cast on your new project with great joy and excitement. Your old WIP destined to become…..another UFO.

I went to Chicknits last night and bought 4 new patterns I have been ogling forever. Ariann, Ribbi Cardi, CeCe, and Scoup Du Jour. It’s bad folks…real bad.


One Response to New WIP Itch

  1. *LOL* must, knit faster!! Faster I say! ; )

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