Belated Birthday Socsk FO!

OKAY, these babies were ready for the kitchener stitch Friday night during our biweekly monkey swap, but unfortunately, I ran out of daylight in the car. So, after the Monkey swap I purchased a head lamp for knitting en route now that it’s dark out with the time change. I promised my husband I wouldn’t look at him while he was driving and blind him with my head lamp. ANYWAY, I digress…

They finally went under the kitchener needle yesterday and here you are…Belated Birthday Socks!


This little pattern turned out great, I will write it up…someday, and post it. Also, I have always made the worst kitchener stitch in the world UNTIL I found this little gem. Thanks to the wonderful folks at KnittingAtKNoon.

After the socks were done I had a surprise cast on. I had every intention of casting on socks for Christmas presents or one of the new patterns I downloaded from Chicknits. I really need to make something for myself, it’s been two years, I think I’m ready…sooo, I, like many others, have succumbed to the call of the My So Called Scarf. It’s lovely, and quick and a great pattern, easy two row repeat to memorize. AND I have this amazingly soft silk/merino blend that I have been saving for the perfect pattern.

Sometime this week I will be posting a picture of my “I-Didn’t-Go-To-Rhinebeck-Stash-Backlash”. Nope, didn’t go, and of course I spent this past week buying yarn to make up for it. I’m beginning to think it would have been cheaper just to go, but it has made going to the PO for the next few days a real treat!


2 Responses to Belated Birthday Socsk FO!

  1. ah! Great socks, love the color : )

  2. ah! Great socks, love the color : ) can’t wait to see what you ordered!

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