Getting Started

So I have had it and have made the decision that I need to lose weight. Well? So what? Now what do I do. I have decided I am NOT going to DO a diet, every time I make crazy drastic changes I end up failing miserably. So how about becoming a creature of habit…good habits. Slow, small changes. Right now I am concentrating on my eating habits. If I add exercise in here and there great, if not, I’m not worrying about it right now. I am not looking to drop a lot of weight fast.

So here are the small changes I will make right now, in 2 weeks I will add exercise:

1. Drink more water, everyday, all day.

2. Eat a healthy breakfast. (I have just recently fallen in love with Kashi Go Lean, so this is an easy change.)

3. TRY to eat a healthy lunch.

4. Eat smaller portions at dinner. If I had an exceptionally naughty lunch, then dinner MUST be something healthy.

5. Compile a list of healthy recipes I would like to try.

6. No more caffeine, also easy as I really have pretty much stopped drinking coffee and now drink herbal tea, lots of it.

7. Surround myself with snacks that are “better choices”. Yes, that DOES include a smidgen of extra dark chocolate every day.

Not bad, these are changes I can deal with. Wish my luck, today is Day Numero Uno.

I have whipped up a pair of socks that I will be finishing either tonight or tomorrow. They are a great self-striping form Trekking XXL. These are a Christmas gift. I will post a picture as the intended recipient rarely checks the blog…I think. I am getting pretty fast at whipping off socks! Maybe I may even get a pair done for me one of these days.


4 Responses to Getting Started

  1. sounds like you have a good plan! Can’t wait to see the socks your working on, you should start a pair for yourself to wear with your super cute new shoes! : )

  2. Heather says:

    A couple of years ago I decided that I needed to lose some weight. I did the opposite of you: I started exercising a lot, but continued to eat the same amount (if not more!). I couldn’t figure out why the weight wasn’t coming off, but realized I had to change what I ate too.

    Here’s what I did: I ate three meals a day with no snacks. They weren’t all low-fat or low-carb meals but they were mostly healthy and I made healthy decisions. I also tended to eat quite a bit at this meals, but that didn’t seem to slow the progress. I also stopped eating any refined sugar. My only exception to this rule was Starbucks, which I continued to enjoy.

    Once I got the eating organized I slowly lost the weight…40 pounds altogether. It took a while, but I did it, and I’ve mostly managed to maintain it, although I’m noticing the numbers creeping up again so I better lay off the Halloween candy!

  3. Congrats on making such a brave, life-changing decision!

    One thing that I’ve noticed that really helps me is to eat more slowly. If you slam back the food without really tasting it then the oral fixation aspect of eating isn’t satisfied and you crave the snacks.

    Good luck!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Sounds like a very good plan. I’m a Weight Watchers lifetime member and this sounds very like their program. Sensible changes done over time are more likely to stick with you than any ‘diets’.

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