Secret Pal Package 2

Yesterday I got another awesome package from my Secret Pal. I have determined that I have the best Secret Pal…pbbbbt! Check out these goodies!


As you can see by the nose in the upper right hand corner, JinBao approves.


This little tape measure is soooo sweet! I love how bright he is, easy for me to spot.


And the yarn, some Classic Merino from Patons and some really great Noro!


Somehow she knew I always lose a dpn out of each set so she sent me some needle sweaters, and the little leaves will be sprinkled across my desk at work and my Thanksgiving table…finally, some autumn leaves! Thank you Secret Pal!


2 Responses to Secret Pal Package 2

  1. Me = Jealous
    I had such a crappy experience with Secret Pal that I refuse to sign up and do it again, but I’m always so happy to see that other people are getting pampered!

  2. hehehe your bee tape measure is too cute! Lovely package, enjoy!

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