Rhinebeck Backlash

OK folks. Here it is…living proof that it is dangerous NOT to go to Rhinebeck.

I did not go.

I consoled myself by shopping for yarn.

I am convinced I bought more than I would have at Rhinebeck, maybe.

The tour: Starting upper left, clockwise, (Not shown in the picture, 4 ChicKnitsPatterns: Ribbi Cardi, CeCe, Scoup DuJour, and Ariann), Peruvian Highland Wool from Elann.com for the Ribbi Cardi in Peridot & Raspberry, “Capistrano” from Savvyminx Sock Yarn, “Blue Roses” from Sunset Yarns, “Cascade 220” Color No. 9406 from Cascade Yarns, and finally, “Foxtrot” an SP9 exclusive from Perchance To Knit.


Please, learn from my mistakes…go, go to Rhinebeck.


5 Responses to Rhinebeck Backlash

  1. Ooo, I can’t wait to see how the Ribbi Cardi turns out in those yarns. Such beautiful colors!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Dang! I didn’t go to Rhinebeck either! Does that mean I can go buy more yarn? (like I need an excuse)

    Love the colors you picked out!

  3. Jeanne says:

    You are probably right. We should all go to Rhinebeck next year, and save ourselves some money.

  4. maryse says:

    ooh i love the combo for the ribby cardi

  5. Love the colors you picked out for your cardi. I’ve been drooling over Suzy’s foxtrot. Great colors. Enjoy your new yarn

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