Turkey Hangover

Now that we are all slowly creeping out from our turkey comas. I thought I would prove that although I have been sicker than a dog, I have been productive!

First off, my mom got herself a spiffy new digital camera (Mom, please tell Santa I would like the same model…thanks) and sent this great little pic of her tootsies being warmed by the infamous Birthday Socks. When I went home to NY I had to add about an inch and a half to give proper tootsie wiggling room. Ta Dah!


And here is a much better fitting baby hat, modeled by the lovely Casey; she’s a real doll, whipped up on the drive home from NY, 100% Alpaca, and at this rate, he will outgrow it before I get it to Sir Collin!


I took a week and knit for myself and here is the progress on my Ribbi Cardi, I ripped it out about 4 inches into it as I realized…*sigh* I was going to need to knit the next size up.


Then there are these mystery Christmas socks I am knitting…I kinda like the way this works up. I think the intended recipient will really enjoy these.


And here are the mittens I am working on for the monkey, she has requested mittens and a hat for Christmas. Yep, those are some BIG mittens, they are going to be felted. I can’t wait to see how the yarn looks once they are done.


And last but not least, the hubby and I went to look for a new living room suite. We found…I still can’t believe it…a gorgeous sofa with a GLIDER LOVESEAT! Do you know what this means? I can actually sit in a moving chair, very necessary to achieve my perfect zen like knitting state, and sit with the DH at the same time! He loves it! Here are the fabrics We chose: the center will be the color of the furniture and the two accents will be a ton of pillows. Yay! We will probably place our order next year, which really isn’t that far away.


Well, as you can see, I’ve been a busy little kid. Today is no different, today we will pull all the Christmas stuff out of the attic and today I get to make my husband climb up on the roof to hang Christmas lights. I told him we should go Griswald! He said it wasn’t in the budget.


One Response to Turkey Hangover

  1. wowsa! You have been very busy. cute little baby hat, and looks like your mom is loven her socks!

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