New Family Traditions

My husband expressed his desire to start a few new Christmas traditions for our new family, so first on the list, we needed stockings. Now I have always made stockings in the past, but my DH said why don’t we each make our own? Great Idea! So, we bought green felt, and red felt and lots of things to decorate them with. It was funny, I made the template so we could trace and cut out our stockings and the DH looked at us and said, “Don’t you think those are a little big?” The monkey and I looked at each other and said in unison, “Nah.” *L*

We have been working on them in the evenings after dinner. It’s been such a great time. We put on Christmas music and away we go. Check out the monkey with embroidery floss hanging out of her lip.


And of course the dogs wanted to know why mom was standing on the chair in the middle of the kitchen, “Hmmm, she must have biscuits, yup, that’s it, sit and she will give us one.”



One Response to New Family Traditions

  1. That’s so great that your husband wants to develop traditions within the family. He sounds like a great guy!

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