Fuzzy Monkey Mittens!

Finally! I get to post something for the Warm Hands Knit Along!

OK, so the Monkey, who is feeling better, thanks very much for the well wishes, asked for mittens and a hat for Christmas. Well, I am happy to report the mittens have been felted and the wrists will be added just as soon as she scoots her butt off to bed. I forgot to take a pre-felting picture, so this one picture will have to do for comparison.


I knit them on size 10’s using worsted weight Andean Wool and a very generic adult size pattern. So here they are, post felt…


I picked up the wrist stitches using a cotton yarn, so it wouldn’t felt too, that way I can just slip the wool stitches onto my dpn’s and knit the wrists. Felt mittens, snug wrists, good, very good. Then into the washing machine with 3 pairs of jeans, a squirt of Dawn and set it to hot! I have a front loader so checking on how the felting process is coming along is a bit more difficult than with a top loader. My husband came into the bathroom to find me sitting on the floor shining a flashlight into the washer window and watching the mittens. He laughed and said I was cute. Meh…he’s right. I’ve told him before it’s my favorite “TV show”.

Also, something else that really makes wool mittens super warm, after they are dry, turn them inside out and scrub the wrong side real good with a bristle hair brush. It makes the wool fuzzy and warm and soft.

And then there was this, just too cute, I couldn’t pass it up. Moments later Oscar the Grou….oh, I mean DH came in and shoo’d him away and grumped that I needed to come to bed as it was late.


“What do you mean I have to “fold” it?”


2 Responses to Fuzzy Monkey Mittens!

  1. ooohhh!! I love your mitts! Yummy berry colors. heheeh cute puppy too!! How monkey feels better very, very soon!

  2. Cynthia says:

    So sorry to hear about the monkey! Hope she starts feeling better. Love her felted mittens, too.

    I used to have a kitty that loved to hide himself in the layers of the laundry basket. He almost got taken to the laundromat a few times.

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