Ladies and gents…

May I, with barely conceiled glee, present the 2006 Winter issue of Knitty.

Today I am beyond grateful that my Christmas Gift knitting is nearly done because it looks as though there will be several patterns in this issue I will be wanting to knit. I may even get to knit for myself BEFORE Christmas. *gulp* Pray folks, pray, then go check out Knitty.

Oh, and some silliness, my Mom & Dad ordered us a great tent for a wedding present, which came with a free “pup” tent. This was back in July. The certificate said the pup tent would arrive in 8 weeks….it came today. The monkey is trying it out for us tonight, she didn’t even budge when I turned the living room light on to take the picture…say it with me now folks, all together, “Awwwwwwww”



3 Responses to Ladies and gents…

  1. maryse says:

    ha! awesome — camping in the living room

  2. awwww!! Love camping out in the living room

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