Completely Jazzed

Any day at work where one can knit and get paid, is a good day at work.

I am printing out the bosses’ family Christmas newsletter for their Christmas card, basicly I get to sit and babysitt the big full color copier while it does its work. This means I get to hang out in the design studio, a one room log cabin from the late 1700’s, with a slightly modernized interior. I love this little place, its quiet, its cozy, its cool.

I get to sit back and get those needles flying for almost two hours. Yay! I love my job. It’s a good thing I have this time too, I am really dragging my feet on my last hand knit Christmas gift and did you know?!?!?!


Why does this happen to me every year, I go putzing merrily along, la de da, its November…doo dee doo, it’s December, tee hee Christmas is coming….OH MY GOSH IT’S NEARLY HERE!


3 Responses to Completely Jazzed

  1. Chris says:

    Wasn’t it just New Year’s?! 😉

  2. Aunt Patti says:

    So, where does the saying, “it Socks to be you!” fit into your grander plan???

    Did you get my card yet?
    Love ya!

  3. 6 Days Left, not counting today. 🙂

    Just to keep things is perspective.

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