Henry Hudson

Did you know that not much is known about Henry Hudson’s early years until he is mentioned in writing in 1607? Did you know that Henry Hudson made 4 voyages during his lifetime looking for a Northern trade route to China? Did you know that Henry Hudson was arrested for sailing under another nations flag, considered treason in his time? Did you know that on his last voyage Hudson’s crew mutinied and put him, his son, and some sick crew members in a small boat and let them drift away in the Hudson Strait never to be heard from again?!

Did you know that at approximately 7:38 p.m., Monday night my daughter informed me that she had “forgotten” about a report that was due on Wednesday December 20th about an explorer of her choice? Did you know that we immediately left the delightful Christmas Tea my friend was hosting (the food was AMAZING) to come home and begin this neglected project? Did you know that this afternoon I apologized to my mom for doing this to her when I was a child? Did you know that this is inevitable and it WILL happen to you, should you have children of your own?

Go call your mother’s…ALL OF YOU…and apologize profusely for the many evenings you kept her up, kept her from doing the things she would have rather done (knitting) because you in your childish ignorance “forgot” about said homework, report, 24 dozen cupcakes, diorama you had to take into school tomorrow. Do it!

I’m going to go pull my hair out now

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2 Responses to Henry Hudson

  1. Oh I remember that. Except I never told my parents, I just didn’t do the projects. I was a bad student until college.

    Deep breaths and alpaca help. They really do. And don’t strangle the child, it’ll put a damper on your holidays.

  2. Chris says:

    Breath in, breath out. Realize she’ll have the same realization with HER kids someday?!

    Heh, I was a very independent kid – I wouldn’t have asked for help if it was life or death!

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