Mmmm Biscotti!

As I write this morning’s post I am munching on some of my Mom B’s homemade cranberry biscotti and it is wonderful. It was part of our Christmas present last night. I had Christmas dinner with my parents and my step-sister and her family at her lovely home. We had a very nice time and it worked out beautifully being a half way point for both my Dad and Mom B. and us. We are definately going to have to do this again. My step sis cooked a great Christmas dinner, her cranberry relish was great, Mom’s homemade bread was great, as usual. We had a very nice visit. The hubby and I got to see my bro-in-laws Trophy Room as well. It was really quite impressive, he is quite a hunter. There was a bear, several deer, a HUGE elk, and a gazelle. Gazelle have the strangest fur, it feels like dry crunchy grass. It was funny, I was patting the elk when I blurted out, “OH! Hey! I think I ate some of you a while back, you were delicious!” Dale laughed. And he was delicious too.

Now I really didn’t get to see much of the ride too their house as I was furiously knitting away at my dad’s sock…yep, that last Christmas present I had been dragging my feet on. I kept thinking, I got time, we won’t being going up to NY until at least the middle of January and then *poof* there was the invitation for dinner sitting in my inbox Tuesday. Whoops! Anyway, I finished weaving in the ends just as we pulled in the driveway. And Dad and Mom LOVED their socks. I think they are my favorite people to knit for mainly because they are both very talented craftspeople themselves so they know the time and love invested in each project.


Now, as I was saying, my Dad and Mom are also crafty. My dad is a blacksmith, yes, I said a blacksmith. He does very lovely work. Me makes everything from garden tools to very very sharp hunting knives. This is a knife he gifted me with earlier this year. He makes everything from the tine to the brass fittings on the hand carved handle and the leather sheath. Lovely right?


This is our Christmas gift made by Mom B. this year, gorgeous! She is a very talented quilter and seamstress. Look at her stitches! Now, I have “enough” patience to knit, but quilting? My goodness, that takes much more control and patience than I have. She does custom work as well and is usually very busy with all her quilting jobs. She also made us a beautiful quilt as a wedding present this past summer. There are pictures of it in the archives.



Oh and check out this great shirt my Dad is wearing (I love the plaid). It’s his Christmas shirt. Every year Mom B. makes him a special shirt for Christmas. He always looks so handsome. We really did have a very nice visit, and it has just occured to me that I didn’t take enough pictures while we were there, I don’t have any of my step sis and her family or the house. I am still getting used to having a tiny camera at the ready. LOL


Well, all the Christmas knitting was finished on time (barely) this year. Everyone loved their gifts, which is great. And now it’s on to the Ribbi Cardi, this will be my first sweater attempt in over 3 years and its knitting up fairly quickly so it looks good. I have made 2 sweaters in my lifetime, both of them disastrous (another post, another time) so I am always hesitant when it comes to sweaters, but I have measured, and swatched, and swatched again and I have a very good feeling about this Ribbi Cardi.


3 Responses to Mmmm Biscotti!

  1. Chris says:

    It looks like a great Christmas!! It’s wonderful to knit for other craftspeople, isn’t it?

  2. Damn those are some big socks!!

    The quilt is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors.

  3. Check out those smiles!! Looks like ya’ll had a fantastic Christmas. Lovely socks! The quilt is amazing, love the colors. the knife is amazing. wow. He is very talented!!!
    Hope you and yours has an amazing New Year : )

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