Ouch! Those needles are HOT!

Well now that Christmas has become Christmas Past and all that holiday knitting did as well…I am cruisin’ on my Ribbi Cardi. I worked on it here and there in the fall managing to get this far…


a whopping 8 inches. I picked the sorely neglected project up this past weekend and holy cow this baby flies. Now that I actually have time to knit it, this sweater has been cruising. This makes ME very happy. I have a terrible sweater past, but this one? Oh no, it swatched great, it’s knitting to be the same measurements as my favorite cardigan and it just looks wonderful. See? The back is done.


And, because I suffer from Second Sleeve Syndrome just as badly as Second Sock Syndrome, I am knitting the sleeves at the same time. This also assures all my decreases will be the same.

I am really excited about this sweater as it will be the third sweater I have ever knit. I am desperately seeking to overcome my own personal sweater curse. I have knit two sweaters in my past, both…well, maybe tomorrow’s post I will share my awful blighted sweater past.


4 Responses to Ouch! Those needles are HOT!

  1. The sweater is looking great! I’m jealous, I’d be happy to have knit ANY sweaters, good or bad.

  2. Toby Wollin says:

    “Second-sleeve Syndrome” – yep, me too. For years, all I ever knit were vests. Then I felt guilty and weak because I could not conquor the whole second sleeve thing (same with socks, gloves, and mittens), so I flogged myself with cardis (and still have a lot of unfinished objects because of it – more guilt). I think the secret is to knit the sleeves, both at the same time, on a cable needle – just so I get through that part of the project.

  3. Chris says:

    Wow, you ARE cruising – it looks great!

  4. Regan says:

    I wandered to your blog from a link on Chic Knits. I’m working on a Ribby as well. I converted mine to knit in the round a la EZ’s raglan. I’ve knit the body, and both sleeves and was about to join them when I decided the sleeves were too small. I ripped them both and am about done with one. My own personal sweater curse is not with finishing things, but in finishing things that FIT. I have gauge inconsistencies.

    Your Ribby looks great (love those colors!). We will both overcome our curses with this sweater.

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