What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor?

February 27, 2007

Well, what DO you do with a drunken sailor? Take lots and lots of pictures of course. Here is our own little drunken sailor. The Monkey used the last of the paper towels while we were cleaning up the other night. So here he is. Doesn’t he look thrilled to be part of our little photo shoot? Rrrrrrrr! Swab the poop deck!


Also, look who got her super secret knitting the other day. Awwww, she looks fashionably bored, “Ho hum, it really is tough being this adorable. Yet another photo shoot? Where is that intern with my soy mocha latte?” Hee hee, she looks so sweet. It was a joy knitting this sweater up and I couldn’t think of a nicer blogger to send it to. Hope all is well Amanda and huggle that little one for me.


In knitting news. I have some great buttons picked out from Button Drawer. Which one do you think will look best for the Scoop Du Jour? The first one is actually the same size as the other two.

button3.jpg button2.jpg button.jpg

In which I rant about our ISP

February 26, 2007

In this episode you will find me pulling my hair out, smoke coming out of my ears, and basically having a mini-meltdown. We have been having internet problems for over a month now (which accounts for the infrequent posting). It seems like each time they “fix it” we are calling the next day to have another technician come out to check out our problem again. Apparently the “cure all” in the cable internet industry is to swap out your modem. Well our problem started back when there was a really bad wind storm (I may be a simpleton but if someone called and said there problem started after a bad windstorm, I would be checking lines, not their modem) several weeks ago. The problem would get worse whenever it was windy. On-Off-On-Off. No one was listening to us, they kept saying “it’s a bad cable modem” and then they would swap it out for a new one. We are now on our 3rd or 4th modem, I lost track. I found this interesting because the first technician to visit us looked at OUR modem and said, “Well this one looks like it should be working just fine.” *steam coming out of ears* Then one of the guys tested the lines and assured us that we were getting a full strength signal…..while there was absolutely no wind outside. So this LAST Friday night we had 45-50 mph hour winds and our internet was REALLY messed up. I thought it was really funny when I called our ISP this morning and said, “We have been having trouble with our internet all month and it got worse this weekend after the wind storm.” The girl on the other end of the line informed me that there was a problem in the lines due to the wind and she would put me on the list with all the other customers who called this weekend and that they were checking the lines all that morning. *big snarky smile on my face* Well, I guess whatever was loose and troubling us finally BROKE enough for it to register on their end!?!

It was an all around yucky weekend, weather-wise. I did get alot of knitting done and that made me happy. I finished the left side of my Scoop Du Jour cardi. I put it on top of the back, I am really hoping to finish the knitting of this cardi this week and then finish it this weekend.


Also, after being absolutely frustrated by the stupid internet I made soup. I explained to my hubby that after the major life changing events of this past week I needed my “therapy”. World of Warcraft is my therapy. I get to wander around beating on things and it’s much cheaper than a traditional therapist. Of course I couldn’t do that with the internet down so I made soup instead. I tend to go a little nuts when making soup. I made 6 gallons of Chicken soup last week and froze a lot of it. I made some Leek Broth. I love to eat the leeks and then sip the broth. I found this simple broth in the book French Women Don’t Get Fat. Despite how strong it smells while cooking, it really does have a very light flavor. I love that book and the broth always looks so fresh and spring-like. Ne conviendriez-vous pas?


And here is a shot of my SSS Sock Swap Pal’s sock in transit to pick up the Monkey on Sunday.


That was on the way up. The trip back was worse. It was just a yucky trip all around, the roads were terrible, when we got home I had around 2″ of ice built up on the grill of my car. God protected and we made the entire trip without incident. We also got to stop for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants on I-81, the famous Dutch Kitchen. My mom decided we needed to stop there on a trip down to Florida when I was younger and we have been hooked ever since. Good food, nice atmosphere, and great prices. I love their salad bar, great variety.

Socks are done…grrrrr.

February 16, 2007

Well I finished the socks I started on Valentine’s Day. Aren’t they great? I love the striping that occured and the colors are just too cool.


Unfortunately…I still don’t have a pair of hand-knit socks. Yup, after I got to the heel turn on the first sock I noticed it was looking a little on the smallish side and after digging out my needle sizer I discovered that what I had thought to be 6’s were really size 5 DPN’s. *sigh* Oh well, the Monkey needed a good pair of boot socks anyway. You’ll notice the smug smile on her face AND the sweater she is wearing…grrrrrr.


Best Valentine’s Day Present…

February 14, 2007

Last night we had a Nor’Easter, my all time favorite kind of winter storm, the reason being all the precipitation that comes with them. Now, just so you know, when there is a storm, pretty much, of any kind, it gets real busy at work. I mean real busy: trees on houses, trees on cars, trees in driveways, trees on roads. It starts to sound like a Dr. Suess book after a while. The phone rings off the hook with one person after another screaming at you about how their tree is more important than so and so’s downed tree and we need to come there first. Well today, I have been given a respite, freezing rain, but no winds (until tonight so tomorrow should be interesting). God gave me the best Valentine’s day present: the day off, sure it’s unpaid, but who cares! All three of us have been given the day off, a day that hasn’t been planned out and crammed full of “important” things to do. A day that will be spent at home with each other. Amen! And many thanks to the Big Guy who knows how to get us to slow down now and again. I was literally “iced in” this morning, I had snow packed all around my car and my car was encased in ice.


That truck in the background has been up and down the street plowing folks out. We have nice neighbors, at this moment there is a skid-steer and a snow blower in my front yard digging and blowing our cars out.

Back to the holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. My hubby, whom I love dearly, proved yet again this morning how smart I am for marrying him. He delighted me with a box of chocolates from here, one of our favorite spots. He handpicked all the truffles in the heart shaped box. He also surprised me with a gift certificate from here. I love this man, chocolate and yarn. It doesn’t get any better.

And since today is a great day to kick back, watch movies and knit the day away. Here are some current WIP’s. My feet are cold and I am still the only person in this house without a pair of hand-knit socks. Sooo. I cast these on last night from some awesome worsted weight, hand-died I got on eBay a few years ago. I figured it would be something quick. Super yummy colors!


Also, I joined the second Second Sock Syndrome Swap over at Girl Is Crafty and have finally decided on a yarn and pattern. My swap pal is in a warmer climate so I thought something to kick off Spring would be appropriate. I am using Cascade’s Fixation and doing the BroadRipple from Knitty. I am really not a fan of cotton yarn for socks, but this stuff has elastic in it and it’s just so much fun to work with. Sproingy!


And I am nearing the end of the back for my Scoop du Jour from Chicknits. I am love how fast this one is knitting up as well. The pattern is very simple and the cardigan is so sweet. I am really looking forward to wearing it and finding buttons for it. I think that is going to be fun.


I fell and hurt my…pride.

February 12, 2007

OK. So here’s how it went down, *snicker* (you’ll get it later) the Monkey’s school had a roller skating party for the 4th & 5th graders this last Friday night. She was sooo excited! She looked so cute when we went in, getting her skates and lacing them up…and sitting on the bench for ten minutes. What? Come on! I informed her that if she was planning on skating she needed to get going as the party was only 2 hours long and we would be leaving 1/2 hour early as she had slumber party guests arriving shortly after 8:00. She was so nervous, she just kept “scooting” around the outer perimeter by the snack bar. Now this kid knows how to skate, her Dad took her skating nearly every weekend for a while. What’s the big deal? Then it hit me…a boy. Not just any boy. The monkey likes Boy A, Boy A likes the Monkey, as a friend, they pal around quite a bit in school. Now I explained to her that when you are a 10 year old boy, girls are nothing more than friends, barely. If you are really brave and can take the unending ridicule of your peers, you MIGHT if you absolutely had to, hold a girl’s hand, while no one was looking, for about 30 seconds. And that’s as it should be. We’ll come back to this story later.

Parents came to this event. Parents were encouraged to go skating with their children and join in the fun. Who was the ONLY parent to grab a pair of skates and lace ’em up? You guessed it. I love roller skating, and really it IS like riding a bike, you don’t forget. I kept looking at all the mom’s and dad’s standing over by the coat rack yawning, chatting, reading, sleeping. What a bunch of old farts! The Monkey thought it was way cool that I went skating (I like earning “cool mom” points) and I got to meet some of the girls she hangs out with at school this way, which is something I have wanted to do for a while now. Well, I was doing great, the crossover, the Mohawk turn, it all came back, along with memories of my first time on skates…remember that one Aunt Brenda? I kept thinking, “I am doing great! This is easy, I’m not even wobbly.” Well then they announced they were going to do limbo. I can do limbo. I know my own limitations so I figured I would do a couple turns and quit. That’s when it happened. I was in line.standing.completely.motionless. and I fell…hard, right on my tail bone. Holy Moly! It knocked the wind right out of me. I sat there thinking, “If you don’t get up right now, they are going to need a stretcher to get your big butt off this floor.” So I got up, did my pass under the limbo, did one more and then sat down. I skated for the rest of the night without incident, but man is my butt sore…you think you have enough padding back there.

Whilst I was sitting out I noticed several things, I am a people watcher, it’s what I do. On any given Friday night at any given roller rink in America you will find these things:

The new skater: this is the kid that got dragged here by his parents and/or friends against his will and is trying to make the best of it, while not becoming a permanent grease spot on the rink floor. This child will come home black and blue, if not with a cast.

The wall crawler: you know the one, the barnacle that slowly makes their way around the rink, clinging to the wall for dear life the entire way around. It’s actually kind of funny because if you are sitting at a table, they suddenly “disappear” when their skates go out from under them.

The trick skater: They occupy the center of the ring. Skating in circles for 2 hours is so beneath them. Here they are doing all kinds of wild and scary acrobatics. Some that are scary on their own, let alone with 8 wheels stuck to your feet. Cool nonetheless, you can’t help but watch them.

The I-come-here-every-Friday-night-so-I’m-so-good-that-it’s-boring skater: this is the kid who is here each week for All Skate, they are fluid, relaxed, and usually busy looking bored while they skate, looking at their nails or the floor, or whatever. “Oh this is so easy it’s just bo-ring.” *sigh*

Then there is…COUPLE’S SKATE. Oh no! Will Johnny skate with me? Johnny likes her way better. I hope so-and-so doesn’t ask me, that would be totally embarrassing. What if no one asks me at all? Ugh, what if I have to skate with my little sister?

This brings us back to the Monkey’s Dilemma in the beginning. We have, at the tender ago of 10 *ahem* a “like triangle”. There is: The Monkey, Boy A who is a cute sandy blond soccer player, and Boy B who lives across the street from us and who pals around with Monkey after school. All night long I watch Boy A glide around the rink and all the girls smile and whisper. I hear things like, “Boy A asked Girl D to couple’s skate.” “I heard Boy A asked Girl C.” Then there is the Monkey who wants to couple’s skate with Boy A…meanwhile, unbeknown to her, Boy B is watching her throughout the evening, as she skates by she says, “Hey” or waves, but doesn’t really notice him. This is the part where I am wearing the “knowing” smile because I see the misery that is about to play out. Boy A has asked someone other than the Monkey, Boy B gives up trying and asks Girl D to skate with him. Monkey has no idea who, if anyone, is going to couple’s skate with her…(insert dramatic soap opera music). What do we do? How will it all end?

Mom steps in and says, “Sorry kiddo, we can’t stay for couple’s skate, you have a slumber party waiting at home.” I’m mom, and even though I lost many cool mom points for this one, it’s ok, I’d rather be deficient in the cool mom arena than to take home a Monkey who’s heart broken because she didn’t get asked to couple’s skate. She’ll have plenty of time for those heart aches when she’s older.