And the winner is….

A big congratulations goes out to Carole for this prize winning comment she left for the Dumb Muggle Challenge.

“I used to do a lot of Civil War reenacting and there’s nothing like attending a reenactment to bring out the stupid in people. I had someone ask me, “Is that real yarn”?
I’m not kidding.”

I really don’t know what was funnier, the comment or some of the responses that you guys came up with for that brilliant muggle question. For my part, I would have told them that, “No, it’s not real yarn, shortly after the civil war, the entire sheep species were wiped out and now we knit with recycled soda bottles.” Another blogger suggested the reply, “No, but isn’t it a great replica?” and still another blogger said, “No, we have to use spaghetti now.”

Congratulations Carole!

Also, I had to share a muggle moment I had with my hubby this past Sunday. He really turned the tables on me. Let me set the scene for you, hubby is driving, I am riding in the passenger seat with my knitting bag by my feet, it’s freeezing outside…

ME: My fingers are numb from this cold, I’m going to whip up some mittens with the Patons that my SP9 sent me. I may be able to get one done on the drive.

DH: That’s cool, you know, I have to find someone who knows how to knit so they can make me a hat. (pause as he winks at me, then looks down at my blue and purple yarn I am casting on with) So, what color mittens you making?

(another pause as I mentally trip over this “duh” question)

ME: (in my snarkiest voice) Honey, come on, that was a dumb muggle question…they’re going to be Pink and Yellow.

DH: (without a pause and in his snarkiest voice) Well then don’t you think it would be easier if you started out using Pink and Yellow yarn?

ME: (stunned)

We both got quite a chuckle out of that one. What can I say, he’s interested in my craft and I love him for it.


7 Responses to And the winner is….

  1. Chris says:

    Oh, that’s a brilliantly snarky comment from him!!

    Congrats to Carole!

  2. Carole says:

    Yay for me! Thanks so much.

  3. Brigitte says:

    That’s a great one!!!

    (Both the hubby comment, and the winner!)

  4. Amy says:

    Both comments are fantastic! You gotta love the Muggles 🙂

  5. Beth in WI says:

    Off topic: could you e-mail me at wicrafter at charter dot net? I’d like to interview you for an article; I’ll reply with all the details if you’re game. Thanks!

  6. Alison says:

    That was a great comment:) My DH is so understanding about my craft he told me to order yarn for Valentine’s, knowing it would make me much happier than roses that would die or jewelry that I’d never wear.

  7. *L* your hubby is too funny, I love that!

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