Best Valentine’s Day Present…

Last night we had a Nor’Easter, my all time favorite kind of winter storm, the reason being all the precipitation that comes with them. Now, just so you know, when there is a storm, pretty much, of any kind, it gets real busy at work. I mean real busy: trees on houses, trees on cars, trees in driveways, trees on roads. It starts to sound like a Dr. Suess book after a while. The phone rings off the hook with one person after another screaming at you about how their tree is more important than so and so’s downed tree and we need to come there first. Well today, I have been given a respite, freezing rain, but no winds (until tonight so tomorrow should be interesting). God gave me the best Valentine’s day present: the day off, sure it’s unpaid, but who cares! All three of us have been given the day off, a day that hasn’t been planned out and crammed full of “important” things to do. A day that will be spent at home with each other. Amen! And many thanks to the Big Guy who knows how to get us to slow down now and again. I was literally “iced in” this morning, I had snow packed all around my car and my car was encased in ice.


That truck in the background has been up and down the street plowing folks out. We have nice neighbors, at this moment there is a skid-steer and a snow blower in my front yard digging and blowing our cars out.

Back to the holiday. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. My hubby, whom I love dearly, proved yet again this morning how smart I am for marrying him. He delighted me with a box of chocolates from here, one of our favorite spots. He handpicked all the truffles in the heart shaped box. He also surprised me with a gift certificate from here. I love this man, chocolate and yarn. It doesn’t get any better.

And since today is a great day to kick back, watch movies and knit the day away. Here are some current WIP’s. My feet are cold and I am still the only person in this house without a pair of hand-knit socks. Sooo. I cast these on last night from some awesome worsted weight, hand-died I got on eBay a few years ago. I figured it would be something quick. Super yummy colors!


Also, I joined the second Second Sock Syndrome Swap over at Girl Is Crafty and have finally decided on a yarn and pattern. My swap pal is in a warmer climate so I thought something to kick off Spring would be appropriate. I am using Cascade’s Fixation and doing the BroadRipple from Knitty. I am really not a fan of cotton yarn for socks, but this stuff has elastic in it and it’s just so much fun to work with. Sproingy!


And I am nearing the end of the back for my Scoop du Jour from Chicknits. I am love how fast this one is knitting up as well. The pattern is very simple and the cardigan is so sweet. I am really looking forward to wearing it and finding buttons for it. I think that is going to be fun.



2 Responses to Best Valentine’s Day Present…

  1. Chris says:

    A snow, er, ice day! How fun!! Those socks you’re knitting look COZY. I need to knit some more heavy weight socks. One of my favorite warm pair is from Lamb’s Pride!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Those are great socks! We got whupped by the storm yesterday as well, and I, uh, “worked” from home.

    Chocolate and yarn? That is a great man!

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