In which I rant about our ISP

In this episode you will find me pulling my hair out, smoke coming out of my ears, and basically having a mini-meltdown. We have been having internet problems for over a month now (which accounts for the infrequent posting). It seems like each time they “fix it” we are calling the next day to have another technician come out to check out our problem again. Apparently the “cure all” in the cable internet industry is to swap out your modem. Well our problem started back when there was a really bad wind storm (I may be a simpleton but if someone called and said there problem started after a bad windstorm, I would be checking lines, not their modem) several weeks ago. The problem would get worse whenever it was windy. On-Off-On-Off. No one was listening to us, they kept saying “it’s a bad cable modem” and then they would swap it out for a new one. We are now on our 3rd or 4th modem, I lost track. I found this interesting because the first technician to visit us looked at OUR modem and said, “Well this one looks like it should be working just fine.” *steam coming out of ears* Then one of the guys tested the lines and assured us that we were getting a full strength signal…..while there was absolutely no wind outside. So this LAST Friday night we had 45-50 mph hour winds and our internet was REALLY messed up. I thought it was really funny when I called our ISP this morning and said, “We have been having trouble with our internet all month and it got worse this weekend after the wind storm.” The girl on the other end of the line informed me that there was a problem in the lines due to the wind and she would put me on the list with all the other customers who called this weekend and that they were checking the lines all that morning. *big snarky smile on my face* Well, I guess whatever was loose and troubling us finally BROKE enough for it to register on their end!?!

It was an all around yucky weekend, weather-wise. I did get alot of knitting done and that made me happy. I finished the left side of my Scoop Du Jour cardi. I put it on top of the back, I am really hoping to finish the knitting of this cardi this week and then finish it this weekend.


Also, after being absolutely frustrated by the stupid internet I made soup. I explained to my hubby that after the major life changing events of this past week I needed my “therapy”. World of Warcraft is my therapy. I get to wander around beating on things and it’s much cheaper than a traditional therapist. Of course I couldn’t do that with the internet down so I made soup instead. I tend to go a little nuts when making soup. I made 6 gallons of Chicken soup last week and froze a lot of it. I made some Leek Broth. I love to eat the leeks and then sip the broth. I found this simple broth in the book French Women Don’t Get Fat. Despite how strong it smells while cooking, it really does have a very light flavor. I love that book and the broth always looks so fresh and spring-like. Ne conviendriez-vous pas?


And here is a shot of my SSS Sock Swap Pal’s sock in transit to pick up the Monkey on Sunday.


That was on the way up. The trip back was worse. It was just a yucky trip all around, the roads were terrible, when we got home I had around 2″ of ice built up on the grill of my car. God protected and we made the entire trip without incident. We also got to stop for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants on I-81, the famous Dutch Kitchen. My mom decided we needed to stop there on a trip down to Florida when I was younger and we have been hooked ever since. Good food, nice atmosphere, and great prices. I love their salad bar, great variety.


3 Responses to In which I rant about our ISP

  1. Chris says:

    I hope your internet woes are soon resolved!! How maddening.

    Hmm, maybe you need Diablo2 or something “local” on hand just in case of internet troubles, when you need to “whack” on monsters!

    Pretty sock cuff!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Oooo, I LOVE leeks as well. I make a pretty good leek-mushroom-chick pea soup, that’s just so yummy this time of year…

    I hope you do get your ISP issues fixed soon!

  3. urgh, dont get me started about cable internet. grrr… Glad to hear they are going to fix yours! Your soup sounds good, and your SSS sock is looking amazing, very pretty.
    I passed the Dutch Kitchen on 81 Saturday!!!

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