Patience is a virtue, which I have naught.

March 26, 2007


So the hubby has caught me three times now staring at my aquarium, beautiful plants, gravel, betta caves…no fish yet. I keep telling him I’m practicing! Sheesh, he just doesn’t get it. It’s still cycling. Did you know that fishless cycling w/ ammonia taks a long time? Why do I, a person with very little patience, keep picking up hobbies that require patience? I don’t get it. Another recent hobby? See Gigi, the torch has been passed. My mom and grandma both have bird feeders. My grandmother has been known to fire a 22 from her kitchen window at those “Darn blue jays! Keep scaring off my songbirds!” Well my mom passed this tradition on to me during her last visit by starting me off with a window feeder and some sunflower seeds. OK, FINALLY the birds noticed it’s here, and now…wow, what a bunch of pigs! That little guy would be a purple finch…not bad ay Gigi? See, I paid attention.


I took a wee break from the Scoop Du Jour Cardi, but not before finishing the right front. Now all thats left is sleeves, blocking and finishing. Here she is pre-block.


I can’t wait, it’s still that weird chilly spring weather where you just don’t know how the day will turn out. So this sweater will be just perfect. In the mean time I have cast on a free pattern for a shell from Lion Brand, I need something quick and springy and this is just the shot in the arm I need to jump start that lagging knitting mojo. It is knit in Believe by Cascade, lovely color blue.


I needed something to wear under my new linen shirt for Easter anyway. I think I might actually be breaking out the sewing machine for Easter as well. I might be sewing a linen skirt. We shall see.

OH yes, and this very strange creature followed me out of the bathroom earlier this evening. It was wild and stringy and noisy and slightly damp. It chased Simon around the house, jumped up on the Monkey’s bed and barked at her, ran into many pieces of furniture. See, I knew it was dangerous leaving the toilet lid up, ya never know what’s going to crawl out.



Beam Me Up Scotty!

March 21, 2007

My darling hubby is a Trekkie. He has seen all the episodes, owns all the movies, many in “special edition” or “directors cut”. He has all of The Next Generation on DVD and several other versions as well. Memorabilia? Oh yes, we have memorabilia. Christmas ornaments that are ships or characters. Models of ships. A flag. Collector’s Plates. Collector’s Cards. Key chains. The list goes on. Now since I married this man, I accepted the fact that it would only be a matter of time before I was sucked into this phenomenon as well. So, I’m going to Trekkie School.

This past weekend, we decided to start with the movies. There are 9 of them, I am on movie number 5 and I am loving it. I have a small trekkie past. I watched the Next Generation religiously, growing up, and for a while I wanted to marry Worf.


So it is not hard for me to really get into this. All week I have been saying things like, “Damn it Jim, I’m just a doctor.”…”That is illogical.”…”He did a little too much LDS in the 60’s” Anyway, suffice it to say, I am having a blast and loving this. Do I see a convention in my future? Not yet, but I will tell you one thing, Star Trek has helped me find my knitting mojo again. I made some serious headway on my Scoop Du Jour Cardi over the last few days. Yay!

Pictures will be beamed up later this week.


Daylight Slavings Time

March 16, 2007

Excuse me, have you seen my knitting mojo? I had it here a couple weeks ago. I can’t find mine, the Scoop Du Jour cardi I was burning through…..pft. The awesomeness of the Monkey socks……hmmm. The lovely JinBao Jeweltone socks……*sigh*.

Come to think of it, I haven’t touched WoW in about two weeks…..hmmm, I’m pretty sure I have several auctions that have expired by now. Wasn’t I saving up for my epic mount? *sigh*

What is going on??? I am so out of it this past week. Nothing seems to interest me, I am fidgety, I need a nap every ten minutes, I can’t sleep at night, my head is fuzzy and the brain isn’t firing on all 8 cylinders……oh yeah!? Daylight Slavings Time. Any suggestions for shaking this off?


Psst, I got a secret. Come closer, closer…are ya listening?

March 13, 2007

OK, now not many of you know this, but I knit, and this is a knitting blog…NO, NO, really, I swear! I’m not kidding, this blog did not get hijacked by the fish crazed woman who lives here. Proof? You want proof? Hmmm, let me see.

Let’s start with a thank you to my awesome SSSS Pal, Lynnett at World of Yarncraft, who I might add dyes her own yarn. Look at this package she sent me! Yarn, patterns, my own personalized colorway, doggie treats! Your the best!

And the sock…which I LURV by the way and can’t wait to cast on for the second one.


A close up of the beautiful pattern as well as my own personal colorway, in honor of my little fuzzy britches, “JinBao Jeweltones” Isn’t it gorgeous?!


And here is another skein I was gifted with, simply sweet, it reminds me of bubblegum and I am leafing through my patterns already to find something suitable, I am thinking maybe something lacey.


And also, I finally finished my SSSS Pal’s sock and it’s going to be mailed on the morrow. It was a great pattern to work with and I will definately be making a pair of these for me.


OK, there, see, knitting blog. Told ya so……we bought two more fish tonight. They are my daughter’s…what? Don’t look at me like that.

A Post Just For The Monkey (OK, you guys can see too)

March 10, 2007

Pst, Monkey, I know you are at Dad’s, but look at what showed up in your room. I don’t know who put it there?! 😉




Got Rooby some shorter flowers too, he likes ’em, he can actually hide in them.



The new tank is cycling as we speak, it should be ready in 10 days – 3 weeks!

The Parent and Fish Post (I know, I couldn’t come up with anything better…)

March 7, 2007

This past week has been an absolute flurry of activity. This post will be chock full of pictures (some quite humorous) and very little knitting. Yes, this is a knitting blog, I do remember…

So lets get to it. My parents came down from NY to visit this past weekend. These are my parents, well one pair anyway, apparently God knew it would take more than one set to get me raised up. HEH! Weird aren’t they? See? I was doomed from the beginning. I still don’t know why the peaches had to be a part of this picture. Anyway…


We had a great visit. I really missed them and it had been since Christmas since we got together. We wandered around Pennsylvania, ate, slept, stayed up late. It was great. Also while they were visiting the Monkey had another skating party for church. See, she was having a great time skating…again. I passed on the skates this time. (you can all stop snickering now)


Now, this is a very small skating rink, there are signs every where that say “Skate At Your Own Risk, NO liability insurance”. But this sign I found particularly funny… a roller skating rink.


“Honey! Can you run down to the roller skating rink and pick up some eggs?” *snort*

Check out these prices, small towns are great, you just don’t see stuff like this in the big city.


Three generations of girls…and a cat who desperately wanted to be photographed.



OK, let me introduce you to Elizabeth’s buddy Rooby, or more affectionately Roob-A-Doob. This is the sad pathetic little “tank” that our dear Rooby has been living in. I’m so sorry Rooby, I had no idea…


Well on one of our outings we went to this great hardware and pet supply store near us, that we love. You know, one of those places where there is another isle after another isle. It’s full of weird and wonderful things, not to mention a fantastic assortment of pet supplies with very good prices. The hubby and I are big advocates for buying locally. So as the Monkey and Nana and I were wandering around I mentioned that Roob’s tank was just too small and that I thought he needed a plant. Well Nana jumped on the cause immediately and within fifteen minutes she and the Monkey had new digs picked out and bought for Roob. Once we got home we decided to get on-line and start digging a little deeper into the lives of Bettas. WoW! What fascinating and complex little fishies. This has lead to a complete Rooby House Makeover and…a new obsession. I have been researching and researching (thank you Christie over at NippyFish) and planning and purchasing. This may just cut into my yarn budget, but I can’t help it, these little guys are amazing. Here is Roob in his new home…for now, there is a freshly bought 10 gallon tank sitting on my futon.



Then just to throw some spice into this craziness I worked over time last night as we are launching our website this week and really messed up my neck and back from my crappy office chair…so just for fun I went to the chiropractors today. Oy!

Oh yes, and to prove that this is a knitting blog. My poor SSS Pals Sock. It’s coming! It will be in the mail this week, I promise.


Aside from it being belated, it’s an awesome sock and I will be making a pair for myself as well. Also, tomorrow I will be posting the super cool sock and package I got from MY SSS Pal. JinBao Jeweltones…

OK, I’m going to sleep for a week now.