The Parent and Fish Post (I know, I couldn’t come up with anything better…)

This past week has been an absolute flurry of activity. This post will be chock full of pictures (some quite humorous) and very little knitting. Yes, this is a knitting blog, I do remember…

So lets get to it. My parents came down from NY to visit this past weekend. These are my parents, well one pair anyway, apparently God knew it would take more than one set to get me raised up. HEH! Weird aren’t they? See? I was doomed from the beginning. I still don’t know why the peaches had to be a part of this picture. Anyway…


We had a great visit. I really missed them and it had been since Christmas since we got together. We wandered around Pennsylvania, ate, slept, stayed up late. It was great. Also while they were visiting the Monkey had another skating party for church. See, she was having a great time skating…again. I passed on the skates this time. (you can all stop snickering now)


Now, this is a very small skating rink, there are signs every where that say “Skate At Your Own Risk, NO liability insurance”. But this sign I found particularly funny… a roller skating rink.


“Honey! Can you run down to the roller skating rink and pick up some eggs?” *snort*

Check out these prices, small towns are great, you just don’t see stuff like this in the big city.


Three generations of girls…and a cat who desperately wanted to be photographed.



OK, let me introduce you to Elizabeth’s buddy Rooby, or more affectionately Roob-A-Doob. This is the sad pathetic little “tank” that our dear Rooby has been living in. I’m so sorry Rooby, I had no idea…


Well on one of our outings we went to this great hardware and pet supply store near us, that we love. You know, one of those places where there is another isle after another isle. It’s full of weird and wonderful things, not to mention a fantastic assortment of pet supplies with very good prices. The hubby and I are big advocates for buying locally. So as the Monkey and Nana and I were wandering around I mentioned that Roob’s tank was just too small and that I thought he needed a plant. Well Nana jumped on the cause immediately and within fifteen minutes she and the Monkey had new digs picked out and bought for Roob. Once we got home we decided to get on-line and start digging a little deeper into the lives of Bettas. WoW! What fascinating and complex little fishies. This has lead to a complete Rooby House Makeover and…a new obsession. I have been researching and researching (thank you Christie over at NippyFish) and planning and purchasing. This may just cut into my yarn budget, but I can’t help it, these little guys are amazing. Here is Roob in his new home…for now, there is a freshly bought 10 gallon tank sitting on my futon.



Then just to throw some spice into this craziness I worked over time last night as we are launching our website this week and really messed up my neck and back from my crappy office chair…so just for fun I went to the chiropractors today. Oy!

Oh yes, and to prove that this is a knitting blog. My poor SSS Pals Sock. It’s coming! It will be in the mail this week, I promise.


Aside from it being belated, it’s an awesome sock and I will be making a pair for myself as well. Also, tomorrow I will be posting the super cool sock and package I got from MY SSS Pal. JinBao Jeweltones…

OK, I’m going to sleep for a week now.


6 Responses to The Parent and Fish Post (I know, I couldn’t come up with anything better…)

  1. Pooch says:

    Rooby is gorgeous! So glad you upgraded his/her/its living space! Will that soon be an episode of “House Hunters” on HGTV? Just thought I’d ask! šŸ™‚

    It’s fun to see the strong resemblance among the two women one girl in the generational pic! That’s a keeper and will mean even more as time passes.

    Hope your neck/back are improved.

  2. Chris says:

    Wow!! Busy!! Rooby probably doesn’t know what to do with himself with all that space. Gorgeous sock!

  3. Brigitte says:

    Man, those are cheap prices! Under a dollar?!

    Glad you had such a great time!

  4. Fifty cents for a slice of pizza? Wow, you live out in the boonies.

    Have you been accused of being ‘city-fied’ yet?

  5. Keanalee says:

    Yum your right you can’t get food at a price like theat anymore.

  6. Pooch says:

    Thanks for noting my blog change! I needed a new ‘do, but I lost all my links in the process….waaah!

    I was in Italy last September, Cancun in December. Yep, lovin’ it!!


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