Patience is a virtue, which I have naught.


So the hubby has caught me three times now staring at my aquarium, beautiful plants, gravel, betta caves…no fish yet. I keep telling him I’m practicing! Sheesh, he just doesn’t get it. It’s still cycling. Did you know that fishless cycling w/ ammonia taks a long time? Why do I, a person with very little patience, keep picking up hobbies that require patience? I don’t get it. Another recent hobby? See Gigi, the torch has been passed. My mom and grandma both have bird feeders. My grandmother has been known to fire a 22 from her kitchen window at those “Darn blue jays! Keep scaring off my songbirds!” Well my mom passed this tradition on to me during her last visit by starting me off with a window feeder and some sunflower seeds. OK, FINALLY the birds noticed it’s here, and now…wow, what a bunch of pigs! That little guy would be a purple finch…not bad ay Gigi? See, I paid attention.


I took a wee break from the Scoop Du Jour Cardi, but not before finishing the right front. Now all thats left is sleeves, blocking and finishing. Here she is pre-block.


I can’t wait, it’s still that weird chilly spring weather where you just don’t know how the day will turn out. So this sweater will be just perfect. In the mean time I have cast on a free pattern for a shell from Lion Brand, I need something quick and springy and this is just the shot in the arm I need to jump start that lagging knitting mojo. It is knit in Believe by Cascade, lovely color blue.


I needed something to wear under my new linen shirt for Easter anyway. I think I might actually be breaking out the sewing machine for Easter as well. I might be sewing a linen skirt. We shall see.

OH yes, and this very strange creature followed me out of the bathroom earlier this evening. It was wild and stringy and noisy and slightly damp. It chased Simon around the house, jumped up on the Monkey’s bed and barked at her, ran into many pieces of furniture. See, I knew it was dangerous leaving the toilet lid up, ya never know what’s going to crawl out.



4 Responses to Patience is a virtue, which I have naught.

  1. Chris says:

    LOL about your “strange creature”!

  2. Keanalee says:

    I think your strange creature is kinda cute. I like the pattern for the lionbrand tank. Very sweet, can’t wait to see it.

  3. Brigitte says:

    Awww… I’ve never had anything that cute and sweet come out of the bathroom!

    Beautiful blue is right!

  4. I’m jealous of your sweater knitting savvy.

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