Spring Cleaning, and yelling at the dog, and resisting the urge to kick the dog…

Spring is here! Glorious spring, filled with pollen and a child who can’t breath through her nose and is now calling the tissue box her “friend”. Yesterday I was hanging laundry out in the sunshine to dry. Today I have turned the heat back on. Oy!

We have found out that all 5th graders must participate in the Science Fair and so we have chosen a rather fun project. We are attempting to show the intelligence of a betta by teaching one of ours to swim through a hoop. The Monkey is doing great with her project and…our little fish are a lot smarter than we gave them credit for! Apparently, someone else in our family has also taken an interest in our little Carabella…and now there are “nose prints” on the aquarium.


On the knitting front I am halfway done with the sleeves for Scoop Du Jour. I really like knitting both sleeves at the same time, it speeds things up. I am hoping to have this thing blocked and seamed by no later than Wednesday, hopefully sooner. Spring cleaning has exploded in my living room today. I attacked my “knitting corner”…or rather it attacked me?


Back in the corner between the two couches is where all of this is usually stored. Peace and order will come again, but first…crime and punishment. Someone, I won’t say who, (doesn’t he just exude innocence?)…


…has over time taken it upon themselves to select a skein, a ball, or a hank and string it about the living room floor. I keep telling my husband that I KNOW he is trying to knit, it’s the lack of those darned opposable thumbs that is holding him back. I am usually too angry and or busy when I find this has happened so I usually pick up the mangled yarn and put it in the “bad dog” basket, over time I have accumulated quite a collection of someone’s attempts at knitting. This will be sorted out as well. *sigh* Every time I attempt this I get very angry all over again and so the hubby tries to corral Fuzzy Britches into another room away from me and my pointy sticks.


And, I am finally freeing myself of some past endeavors that will most likely be reincarnated into something else as soon as they visit the frog pond. It feels good to rip these, very freeing. I have become more flexible in my knitting over the past couple of years. I am more willing to rip it out and start over or rip it out and start something else. I guess I have decided I would actually like to wear/like the finished product rather than just have a finished product. Silly me.



6 Responses to Spring Cleaning, and yelling at the dog, and resisting the urge to kick the dog…

  1. Nose prints on the aquarium?! *L* That picture is too sweet for words!
    Good luck with your spring cleaning. : )

  2. Chris says:

    Hee hee – I love the idea of the beta swimming through hoops. Good for you, taking on your knitting life like that. I fear to do the same. 🙂

  3. Keanalee says:

    Awwww he just want to help you knit, he didn’t mean to do any yarn harm. Sweet boy.

  4. Oh my, so much tangled yarn! It makes me want to weep.

    I’m holding you to that Wednesday goal. 🙂

  5. Brigitte says:

    Ohhh, all that yarn! I’m so lucky my kitties aren’t so interested in it.

    And you are inspiring me to create my own frog pond!

  6. Cynthia says:

    How can someone with such a sweet face be responsible for all that yarn chaos? Wait a minute – that is kind of a shifty look in his eyes!

    Good luck with the spring cleaning. You make me feel guilty, as my stash has taken over an entire room.

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