Whewwww! What a Holy Weekend! Am I the only one with a Jelly Bean hangover?

Whew! Monday already!? This last Thursday night my parents arrived from NY to spend Easter with us. All of this after spending an entire week at home nursing a sick Monkey back to health from an ominous “upper respiratory virus”. Friday morning we all scrambled into the car and went to a local diner for breakfast. We made it just in time. We were seated at 10:40 and they stopped serving breakfast at 10:45. Pft, what kind of diner doesn’t serve breakfast all day? Anyway, from there we traversed to the mall where my mother picked up her Dyson vacuum cleaner as they were on sale (or as they are called in south central PA, a sweeper *snerk* I still get confused when my hubby says he has swept the floor, I stare at the dusty kitchen floor like “What?”, meanwhile, the carpets have been vacuumed, anyway, I digress). I bought a Dyson several years ago and have been swiftly converting anyone that says the word “vacuum” in my presence. Buy one! They are great. From there we went to the hardware/pet store where I picked up this little gentleman.


He has been sitting on their shelf for over a month while all the prettier bettas go home. I have to say I was…well, rather pissed off. I tested his water when I got home (all 2/3 of a cup!!!) and found that the ammonia level in the water was 10 ppms!?!?! For all you non-fish folks, that’s bad. The safe level of ammonia in an aquarium (aquarium, not cup) is .25 ppms. There was more ammonia than water in that cup. He has seriously stressed gills. To put it in perspective imagine putting your head in a bucket of Clorox bleach, opening your eyes and inhaling deeply. Yeah, not fun. Oh well, he is much happier now. My family is concerned as I have become the crazy betta lady who yells at pet store employees when their bettas aren’t taken care of. Oh and his name is Captain James T. Kirk…..shut up Kelly.

Saturday was spent with us girls and guys splitting up. The guys were very vague about their plans for the day so we weren’t surprised to find out when we returned that night that they had done nothing but sit around and watch TV. WE on the other hand hit all the thrift stores as we are professional deal finders. I made out the best. I spent $21 and came home with 2 dresses (1 with tags still on it), 2 cardigans, a linen top, a t-shirt, and a nice blouse for work (with tags still on it). All brand names. Yay me! We then headed over to Olympia Candy Kitchen for sundaes and chocolate. MmmmMMM! Their display window is always amazing….and one of these days, I will get a decent picture, until then here is a sampling of some crappy pictures.




We ran into my MIL there and she joined us for sundaes.

From there we finished off the day at another favorite place, Green Castle Coffee Roasters. I get a caffeine buzz just walking in the door. It smells sooooo good. The owner has a wonderful sense of humor. He doesn’t like the president either. You have to read their disclaimer about the folks that they are unable to help. I have it on a magnet on my filing cabinet at work. I think it applies to all folks who deal with the general public.



They have a mind boggling assortment of coffees: roasts, beans, estates, and blends from all over the world…don’t believe me? Check out their website. Also, for the non-coffee lover…a seriously impressive variety of teas, black, white, herbal, you name it. Including my favorite, their Rainbow Rooibos. Mmmm again. As per their coffees, I really like their Hawaiian Kona, Highlander Grog, and Charlie’s Helter Skelter. I just tried a new one this weekend called Bali Paradise Valley. Wow, smooth, rich, and unfortunately only available for a limited time. I hope they make it permanent. They have approximately 20 large white boards hung from the ceiling with descriptions of every one of the coffees they sell. They also have an antique peanut roaster and they roast peanuts a couple days out of the week, I can never remember which days, but they smell amazing. You just have to buy a bag or two. If you are every nearby, please check it out, you won’t be disappointed. If you aren’t nearby…go to the website. Chris, you will love their espresso.

There was some egg dying as well…at 10:30 Saturday night.



I have always blown out the eggs and we save them every year.



We have quite a collection. My mother, after seeing our collection, pointed out the painstakingly obvious to me. “You should write on the bottoms what year you made them.” *smacks forehead* Why didn’t I think of that?!?

Oh, and JinBao finally got what was coming to him for tangling all my yarn…hee hee. Mwu ha ha ha! I attacked him with q-tips dipped in the (non-toxic) egg dye. Now he smells like vinegar.


Easter Sunday started with a mad dash trying to manage getting five people in the bathroom and fed, put a ham in the oven and to church on time. Our choir performed a gorgeous Easter cantata. It was very moving. I have to say, I think Easter is closer to my heart than Christmas. I am always blown away when I think about the gift that was given. He died, for me, for all of us…and rose again. We serve a living God! AMEN!

I cooked a glorious ham for dinner. See, that’s my,

“I-Just-Cooked-A-Glorious-Ham-So-Kiss-My-Pork-Butt-Martha” smile.


With my special plum orange glaze. It was like slicing through butter. So, tender and juicy. And yes, I know… I look just like my mother. My in-laws joined us for dinner and we had a marvelous meal eating and visiting. My MIL brought the perfect dessert. She arranged an assortment of Little Debby cakes on a fancy platter, very gourmet. It was rather funny.

Promptly at 3:45 we kicked all the parents out and crashed for a two hour nap! Whewww what a weekend. As for the Scoop Du Jour? Well I managed to knit a few rows on those sleeves this weekend. Still hoping for that Wednesday deadline, but we’ll see…

Are you exhausted from reading my insanely long post yet? Good. See you tomorrow.


4 Responses to Whewwww! What a Holy Weekend! Am I the only one with a Jelly Bean hangover?

  1. Olga says:

    Wow. This post sure makes up for the long days when you didn’t post! And yes, I need to take a nap after reading all the busy stuff. And no, James T. Kirk sounds like a perfectly wonderful name!

  2. Keanalee says:

    Amen, to the ham.
    Amen, to the dog hair.
    Amen, the the egg dying & Amen, that he gave his life for us, I’m with you sister! Happy Belated Easter.

  3. Dork. But I do love that I don’t even need to say it anymore. You just KNOW. 🙂

    Poor technicolored puppy.

    All these fish… what are you going to do if you and your family take a vacation?

  4. Pooch says:

    Your Easter Doggy looks SO cute in pastels!! You are blessed to spend Easter with all parents. It sounds like a wonderful time for everyone! Hope that Elizabeth is healthy again!


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