Ye Wench! Aye, ye heard me, ye wench!

Huzzah! Spring has finally arrived, as Winter blows itself out in it’s mad fury of being upstaged by mere crocus, redbud, tulip, and daffodil. Little spots of color amid the drab, cheerily announce, Winter has gone, Spring has come. With spring comes the “sewing bug”. I sew dresses for the monkey and I. I also sew corsets for the faire. This year I intend to sew my full costume. Faire season will soon be upon us. Wenches unite, hoist your tankard high with a loud “Huzzah!” Tis’ a fine thing what a corset does to a woman’s figure.


I think something in green will turn the nobles eyes to the lass with red hair and heaving bosom. Me thinks some of my patterns are wee bit old and worn so, if it pleases you fine ladies and gentleman, I will be purchasing a more historically correct pattern.

Ye Wenches, ye proud wenches. Please make your way over to the International Wenches Guild and sign up. Then get to practicing your baudy songs, so ye can use your license to wench.


3 Responses to Ye Wench! Aye, ye heard me, ye wench!

  1. *L* Great costume girl!
    Spring? you mean its not snowing over on your side of PA? It’s snowing over here!! bleh!

  2. You’re sooooooo lucky you have a faire in the spring. I have to wait until JULY!

  3. Chris says:

    Wow, we just have the faire in the late summer, early fall.

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