Hello possums! Unfortunately, my Scoop du Jour will be missing its deadline. I am going a wee bit crazy as it seems that there just isn’t time to knit lately. Suddenly there has been this explosion of activity in my usually dull and unchanging daily routine. To be honest…I’m ready for it to stop, it’s eating up all my knitting time.

Soo, I will distract you today with something even more noble. Do you see this picture?


That is two separate cuttings of my daughters hair for Locks of Love. Every year she grows her hair out to donate. It grows very fast, family trait. If she gets it cut it’s only for a trim. Even in the hot summer months when it’s unbearable and she hates brushing it and she hates blow drying it…she sticks with it. I love my little Monkey…and this is one of the many reasons why.


6 Responses to Distractions

  1. That’s a wonderful charity. Bravo for your daughter for sacrificing her hair to such a good cause.

  2. Keanalee says:

    Good for her. That is an awesome thing to do.

  3. what a wonderful girl you have!

  4. Pooch says:

    God bless your precious daughter. You and your husband obviously are leading her in a godly life.


  5. maryse says:

    that’s awesome!

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