Something new…Freaky Friday

I love weird things, things that aren’t normal, things that are out of the ordinary. You know, those little tidbits of information that make you scratch your head and say, “Hmmm, well….okay.” So in celebration of all things weird and wonderful (and some not so wonderful) I am going to try to find something odd to share with you each Friday.

We begin today with something local to me. Most of you know that I moved to South Central PA last spring from upstate NY. I now live in the middle of Amish country. This is a sight I soon grew accustomed to.


Horse and buggy on the road. It’s funny because they sound like a 747 going by outside the house and it always freaks out visitors from out of state…as well as FuzzyBritches. He always leaps onto the couch barking his little head off, he is bound and determined to catch one of those things! I love it, on Sundays in the summer there is this couple who go past our house on their way to “meeting” and they have two little car seats in the back of their buggy. Those babies are so cute. Anywho…

I am sure you all have an idea of the whole quaint and charming Amish lifestyle. I have noticed some very funny “quirks”. As in the green house up the street from us. All the men have cell phones…but only for the business. They have a mini-excavator…but they only use it at night. Apparently, when it comes to making money…the rules are out the window.

Here’s the freaky factor: I was told a couple days ago (don’t remember how it came up in conversation) about crazy, Amish parties. So the next day in work I asked the local girls about it and boy was I sorry I asked. Apparently the kids, upon turning 16, start their “Rumspringa”. Which is basically supposed to be a time for them to see what it is they are missing from the “English” world, before they renounce that life and join the church. Well…sometimes, most times in this area, from what I have heard locally and have just now begun to see, it gets pretty.darn.freaky. Alcohol, drugs, sex. Eeesh! I guess, in retrospect it’s probably no worse than some of the parties other teens and college kids attend right? No, apparently being sheltered and living in such a strict community for so long just adds fuel to the fire. It’s not all of them or even most of them, these are the minority, it’s just so odd to see these kids, bonnets and dresses, black hats and suspenders…with a cigarette and a Budweiser.



Happy Freaky Friday!


(and yes, this is just another sad attempt to buy my Scoop Du Jour some time…)


4 Responses to Something new…Freaky Friday

  1. Olga says:

    That’s funnie your post was about that, last night we were talking about the contradictions with the Hutterites we have here in SD. They wear the ‘uniform’ and talk german and keep themselves aways from ‘the worldly people’ but they have brand new vans and trucks, cell phones and buy anything and everything that Walmart sells.I just thought it’s weird they are on the cutting edge of technology but still insist on wearing 1800 clothes. Legalism I guess.

  2. Amish people frighten me. Especially since I always seem them in the city, with their top of the line strollers, Rayban sunglasses and those bushy, bushy beards.

  3. Brigitte says:

    Hey! I loved this post! We have the Old World Mennonites here, and they are the same. However, I don’t recall them having cellphones and smoking. But, who’s to say? To each his own.

    Damn, and they make a good pie!! 🙂

  4. Growing up in Western Mass I never saw an Amish person before moving here. I don’t think I’d even heard of them!! You should have seen me when I saw my first buggy. Now its just odd seeing them in Walmart. I don’t get it really. How is it ok to ride in a car but not drive it?

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