It’s Monday, the phone won’t stop ringing and I can’t come up with a snarky or witty title for my post…

Why is it that when it is raining, cool, cold, windy, cloudy, overcast or anything EXCEPT freakin’ sunshine our phones are quiet. BUT when it is sunny out. Oh My! Watch out! I need a tree cut down, I need a landscape design, I have 20 stumps that need ground out, I want a water feature, Can I have a free estimate for a paved patio? Rrrrgghh! Why do they only call on sunny days?!?!?! I’m sure these things needed done yesterday too…when it was cloudy. I spend half the time on the phone, and the other half calling the answering service to pick up all the calls I missed while on the phone. And here’s the part I love with the landscape clients….they always say, “I thought I’d call early so I could get on your schedule.” No dear, April is not early, now we are in the thick of it, you are calling during peak season. Early? Yeah, that would have been January. Anywho, knitting…

So after frogging my swap sock. I got looking at another pair of socks that were languishing away on the needles. My Monkey socks. Now, don’t get me wrong I LOVE this pattern and I LOVE this yarn, but something just wasn’t working. I think the pattern was “eating” up the color. I really wanted a sock that would showcase the beautiful color and I really wanted a yarn that would showcase Cookie’s beautiful pattern. So again with the frogging. And from there on it was kind of obsession, because by Sunday night….yeah, the other one is cast on and a quarter of the way done. This is the same Little Shell Socks pattern I used for my last SSS swap buddy.




Remember this? This will be Monkey socks…



OK, gotta go now….phone’s ringin’ again…grrgggrmumblegrumble coffeee.


6 Responses to It’s Monday, the phone won’t stop ringing and I can’t come up with a snarky or witty title for my post…

  1. keanalee says:

    Nice wor & beautiful yarn.

  2. I hate pink but I do lurve that yarn. It’s purdy.

  3. Oh yeah, and good job on the sock. I love the blues.

  4. Brigitte says:

    Nice sock! Uh, how long did it take you to make it?… Wow!

    And I love the other skein as well.

  5. Chris says:

    *makes mental note that Little Shell pattern is very cool* Going to be some lovely Monkey socks!

  6. keanalee says:

    Yes, that is how I found you, I found you the same night I found Guilty Pleasures. I was drinking some wine. I remember your post was “what would you do wiht a drunken sailor” & it cracked me up. Let me know who you find

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