Always Garden With Your Dress On

Hello Possums! Monday night when I got home from work I decided that this little garden of mine is never going to get planted unless I got out there with the hoe and fork and really worked the dirt over well. So I plopped my sunhat on and headed out, still in my black summer dress from work. I put on my well worn gardening gloves and with my hoe in hand started hacking away at the ground. Grrg. Dirt? This is more like cement! It was pitiful, for all the elbow grease I was putting in, I really wasn’t seeing much of a return on my labor. The verse in Genesis 3:24 came to mind, “By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food…” I kept thinking for all of this sweat I ought to have a feast! Anywho…I really was going no where. For all of my hacking, I merely had a whole garden full of golf ball sized lumps of dirt…*sigh*

And then he came…from across the fence, from a far far away land called Camelot. Oh wait, wrong story. Strolling up the lane came my wonderful next door neighbor with…*pause for dramatic effect*…his rototiller! My hero!


Our neighbor is the sweetest man. He always helps dig us out in the winter with his snow plow, and here he was helping with the dirt too. When he finished I said thank you, what can I do to repay you. He pulled one of his Swisher Sweets out of his front t-shirt pocket, lit it and said, “Oh nothin’ the ’tiller needed to be run anyhow.”So my tip to all of you out there is this, always garden with your dress on!


4 Responses to Always Garden With Your Dress On

  1. LOL, you shameless flirt!

  2. keanalee says:


  3. Brigitte says:

    Oooo, thanks for the tip! đŸ˜€

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