My monkey got a crappy birthday present

Well she’s sick. She’s been sick since Sunday evening. I am hoping that last night was the worst of it and that she is starting to feel better. She’s on tylenol and ibuprofen, flip flopped every 4 hours, and man I can tell when her 4 hours is almost up. That fever starts climbing…101.5…102.1…102.5…103.4…103.6…eeps! Sometimes this whole “mom” thing is really hard on the nerves. She’s just miserable and I’ve done everything I can to make her comfortable, now we just wait for her to start feeling better.

We have an odd theory. The same thing happened the last time my mother was coming down for a visit. By the time my mom got here, she was fine. Complete recovery. And wouldn’t you know it, my mom is coming down for Mother’s Day weekend. So naturally, by Thursday the Monkey will be feeling much better. I think she does it so I am forced to stay home and clean the house before my company arrives. The house is clean! It’s been clean! So get better already!

This whole being home has forced me to look at that blue lump of knitting sitting in the basket by the couch. Yep, Scoop Du Jour. It needed reblocked so I sent it for a gentile ride in the washing machine, pinned it, and lay the entire board out in the sun to dry. Boy did it smell good when I brought it back in. And guess what folks…there is seaming in progress! Oh yes, friends, there will be a cardi very soon.

Update this morning: On an even crappier note. Her favorite fish, Carabella, the one we were training to swim through a hoop, died last night while we were sleeping. What a wonderful thing to wake up to when your feeling awful to begin with.  She is heart broken and truth be told, so am I. I know to some, she’s “just a fish”, but to us she was special with her own feisty little personality.


5 Responses to My monkey got a crappy birthday present

  1. Olga says:

    Sorry about your betta, we have a few and we went through a stretch where every one we brought home was dead by morning! So far, this last bunch is hanging in there.And I know what you mean about the b-day party thing( your last post) I have two coming up this month and I just can’t get excited about spending that money.I have four girls so we made a rule that parties with friends is a every other year thing, and the other year is with family only.

  2. Aw, I’m so sorry about the fish. People don’t understand how individual a fish can be. Hope your day gets better.

  3. Chris says:

    Poor Monkey – rough week! I am sending lots of Chaotic Positive Energy(tm) your way, Monkey!

  4. sandy says:

    Oh, the poor dear. Nothing like kicking a cutie pie when she is down. I am so sorry for the loss of Carabella. She was truly remarkable!
    Hope monkey feels better. And I hope you have the immune to germs thing. Fingers crossed.
    (ahem, MY house needs some cleaning…..)

  5. Brigitte says:

    Oh, feel better soon Monkey! I’m sorry to hear about Carabella… 😦

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