Summer Camp!

The Monkey will be attending her very first summer camp this year and she is very excited and yet a little nervous as well. This will be her very first stay away from home that is not at a grandparents or other family members. I have so many great memories from both Girl Scout Camp and Delta Lake Bible Camp. I loved arts and crafts. I loved the nature hikes. I…yes, I’m weird, I even loved the food. I remember singing really silly songs around campfires. I remember swimming in the lake…even going “polar bear” swimming, which was really cool. We got up at 5:00 am and went swimming, the air temp was so much cooler than the water that the lake felt like bath water. And of course the best part yet…a whole week without parents! Weeeeee!

Anyway, to help ease her fears and get her psyched for camp we are having a contest! Leave us a comment, for the Monkey, telling about your favorite summer camp experience or your best summer camp advice. The contest will end on Friday June 1st at 5:00 pm (eastern daylight time) and the randomly selected winner will win….are you ready for this great prize?

A smores kit: chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers. MmmmmHhhmmm!


18 Responses to Summer Camp!

  1. Brigitte says:

    Ooooo, that is a very cool prize! Oh, I’m going to have to ask around for camp stories!

    Hey, I’m tagging you then!!! Tag tag tag! Go check out my questions.

  2. Chris says:

    Hmm. I did go to 4-H day camp. My favorite memory is cutting up Crisco cans to make little grills and grilling hamburgers on them. I can still remember some of the silly songs I learned in camp, too!

    Hmm, do you mean Eastern Daylight Time, aka summer time? Very important for posting the contest info!

  3. traceyleezle says:

    Um yeah, that too.

  4. sandy says:

    Ahhhh….summer camp!
    For me, it was girl scout camp. For some reason, my most vivid memory is waking at night and needing to use the bathroom and not wanting to walk alone. so, I woke up my friend, Carolyn Fredette and made her come with me. Walking through the “woods” to the bathrooms was one of my favorite part of camp. The moon shining beautiful in the sky, the quiet of the lake.
    Lots of fun wishes for monkey!

  5. […] daughter is going to summer camp for the first time – leave a comment with a favorite summer camp moment or some summer camp advice and you could win a s’mores kit. Contest closes at 5 pm EDT, June […]

  6. I went to camp every year, and at times hated it, other times loved it. I loved canoeing and swimming in the lake, and also the Arts & Crafts stuff. Braiding was very big one year. We also played lots of games. For advice, perhaps you could pack a calling card in case of emergency. These new bandages that come with antibiotic already on them would also be useful. How far away is the camp? Maybe you could assemble a stationery kit with pen, pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelopes. If postcards are available, it’s easy to write a quick note and put them in the envelope (get ones that will fit) for mailing. Have fun! : )

  7. trek says:

    Congratulations, Monkey.

    Best advice goes to mom: don’t promise to pick her up if she’s homesick on the first day. Most kids get right over it but if they think they have an easy out, they don’t. At least, that’s what I’ve read recently.

  8. Good times: I went to a 3 day camp with my 6th grade class. We were the last 6 graders at the school (Jr. High was becoming middle school, etc.) so they made a big deal out of it. The first morning our principal tried to wake me up as I’d slept through the trumpets. So I whapped him good while I was half asleep. He couldn’t get mad cause it was his own fault.

    Bad times: (DON’T share with her!) I was THAT girl in school. The one everyone hated and dispised and humiliated as often as possible. The last day I was showering and my bunkmates decided it would be funny to hold me down and take photos of me au natural. They ended up being passed around school until a teacher saw. I can still remember the assembly our class had to sit through, a three hour lecture from the cops on assault.

  9. Ruth says:

    We used to go to Camp Sugar Pine in California. I always loved the archery! I’ve never actually had smores, so I hope I win.

  10. Nicole says:

    I didn’t ever really go to summer camp, but I went to something similar for a week with my grade 7 class. I disliked most of it, not because I was homesick but because I didn’t like my teacher or most of my classmates (that was a bad year). So I’ll give advice instead of a favourite moment. I’m sure camp would have been fun with a different group of people.

    This isn’t something that happened to me, but it happened to another group while we were there: a bear dug through somebody’s bag. So my advice is that if you’re told to hand in or get rid of all your food, do so. Even the gum.

  11. Megan says:

    The thing that I loved best about summer camp was campfire time. There was something so special about singing campfire songs in the great outdoors, then coming to the end of a song hearing our voices drift away and be replaced with the sound of crickets chirping. Ah, to be a camper again! The best advice is probably to wear lots of sunblock – a burn can ruin several days. 😦

  12. Faith says:

    My favorite camp memory is also one of my most embarrassing moments ever! I was asked to the boy-girl dance by an incredibly tall young man. He must have been 6’4″ at 14 years old! Afterwards, I wrote a perfume-scented letter saying “I don’t mind that you’re tall because when we’re dancing together, I can hear your heart beating.” I’ve gotten much, much less sappy.

  13. Kenyetta says:

    I never went to summer camp or sent my girls. I hope she has a good chem. Tell her to use baby oil, the mosquitoes don’t like to land on it.

  14. Kenyetta says:

    That was supposed to read good time…darn spell check!

  15. sheknits says:

    My advice is this- put some secret notes in her stuff when you pack her stuff that she won’t see until she unpacks and write a letter BEFORE she leaves and mail it so it will be there when she get’s there! Also, if you can send care packages , send one with fun things likeMAd Libs, card games, maybe nail polish and nail stickers if she would have fun with that and if you can send food (my kids camp won’t let us) then send it!

  16. sheknits says:

    oh , one more thing…please come and enter my stitch marker give a way contest

  17. amandacathleen says:

    I have so many memories of summer camp. Singing camp songs at the lodge, polar bear swimming, meeting new people from different parts of the state, making friendship bracelets, the hikes, making banana boats (banana’s, chocolate chips and marshmallows roasted in the fire) I can remember tye dying t-shirts once and we had so much fun we dyed our socks too! *sigh* I miss camp!
    PS pack some heavy duty bug repellant! deep wood bugs mean business

  18. Aunt Brenda says:

    I am very impressed! Looks like a lot of fun (without the rain). Next time you need to try Jam Twist’s at the camp fire! Take a dowl rod less than 1/2 inch in diameter, wrap a biscut around it (The cheap ones, 2 cans for $1 works best)and toast it like a marshmellow…only it takes longer. When it’s cooked, “Twist” it off the rod, and fill it with jam! YUM!!! Uncle Craig likes to chop up the chocolate used for smores and then squirt whipped cream in it. Kind of like a creamed horn/smore!!

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