The Greenhouse

Let me preface this post by apologizing to anyone with dial up. It is very heavy on photos, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Yesterday, after I came home from work, I was out watering my garden when the Monkey approached me and said, in that way that children do, “Boy, I sure wish we could go to the greenhouse.” Then of course she looked at me with that, I’m checking you out to see if your going to go for it, glance. “Yeah…okay, let’s go.” I thought to myself, “Ah, excellent blog fodder.” and grabbed my camera. So we slapped on our sunhats and the Monkey grabbed her parasol and we walked to the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is a short distance from our house, most definitely within walking distance, but certainly not if you are going to be coming home with a lot of plants. Which we often do when my mom comes to visit. It was one of my favorite places to go shortly after I moved here last year, but then, I seemed to forget about it. It’s open year round, but for some reason I never remember it until my mom visits. Shall we……?

That building in the upper left is new this year and next to it is a very large koi pond. They are beautiful…and BIG! They also sell the smaller version for those of us with smaller ponds.

This is one of the best greenhouses I have ever visited. They have everything, and I mean everything you would need for a garden: flower, vegetable, aquatic, or otherwise. A lot of the local landscape companies purchase from there, including my place of employment. The monkey and I always have to visit their windchime gallery and make a little noise. They have the most beautiful (and expensive) windchimes. The baritone chimes are over $300, but oh the sound they make. I am saving up for their “Chapel” chimes, $132. They carry several brands and all of them are just wonderfully tuned. And for those of us with champagne tastes and ginger ale budgets, they do have some cheaper windchimes that sound nice as well.

The greenhouse is run by an Amish family. They employ many of the local Amish girls nearby. It is a very large facility made up of a main building that is filled with your tools, pots and containers, fertilizers and plant food; then there is the aquatic gardening wing, the arborarium (trees), garden furniture, statuary and pottery, 4 HUGE greenhouses, outside they have all of your organic matter and your stones (ranging from sand to boulders). And I’m sure there are many other areas I am forgetting. Anyway, it’s big. On to the flowers!

Here is a shot from inside one of the houses, I wish I had taken a picture with the monkey in the shot for perspective.

They have a little room inside one of the greenhouses that is filled with African violets and carnivorous plants. The monkey and I were trying unsuccessfully to get one of the Venus fly traps to eat our fingers. I really love this shot of the monkey.


This little gentleman really reminded us of a certain little blog namesake we know.

Here are our artsy fartsy shots that the monkey and I took of each other. I like the shot of Monkey best…I have a dimple in my elbow…ugh.

We found this little sentinel standing guard. He just looked so serious.

They have beautiful hanging baskets.

OK, here is a link to all of my gratuitous flowers shots, in all colors, shapes and sizes.

And so, after we had had our fill of flowers and planning gardens that most likely will never happen…we walked home.

And found our neighbor outside ironing, he had just taken some shirts back into the house when I snapped this photo……hmmm, ok.


6 Responses to The Greenhouse

  1. Brigitte says:

    Oh! Those flowers! Makes the greenhouse I went to on the weekend look like a compost heap.

    Very nice pictures, thanks for visuals! Glad you guys had a great day! And what’s with your neighbour?? Think he may want to come up here and do some ironing here…?!

  2. Chris says:

    Love the sentinel!!

  3. What a cutie with that parasol. The flowers are beautiful. I love koi. In my dream world, where I live in a castle and money is no object, I have a huge koi pond. With a waterfall.

  4. atu says:

    it’s just beautiful there. so much to chose from. I could stay there for hours just picking 1 or 2 plants

  5. amandacathleen says:

    I love the picture of you two walking home! So many fantastic shots, thank you for sharing them with us : )
    ps. Who iron’s outside? really!

  6. Mom says:

    Who irons period??

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