Memorial Day Weekend (Part 1)

Oh my goodness! I needed this past weekend. I had no idea how badly…apparently the Monkey and my hubby did. Hee hee, I have been rather grumpy as of late. We went up to my husband’s Uncle’s Cabin up in the Blue Mountains this weekend and it was just wonderful. We had so much fun, his family is really great…and very nutty. There are many great “camp traditions” that were new to me last summer, and now that I’m married, and a family member, I got to partake of some of the weirdness. Because of the many pictures, this will broken up into parts so you will have to check back each day for more. Let’s get started with Day 1.

Welcome to Six Point Lake. Would you like the grand tour? Down this path leads to a roofed dock that has 5 , yes 5 porch swings and two picnic tables. You can take a leisurely ride on the pontoon boat, or if you are feeling more like some exercise, you can take out one of the two paddleboats. The fun thing to do is to plan ahead (hubby) and be in cahoots with someone on the dock (Uncle Gary) so you take some poor unsuspecting soul (me last year) out in the paddle boat. Then engage them in conversation so they don’t realize how close you are getting to the aerator (giant fountain in the middle of the lake) then at the proper moment, the partner in crime sitting on the dock (Uncle Gary) flips the switch and the aerator turns on soaking you thoroughly. Oh yes, very funny…..when it happens to someone else!
We finally got to use our wedding present from my parents…finally. It’s really great, did just fine during two downpours.
Oh boy did I get picked on for being able to set up the tent all by myself and in just ten minutes too. I was called ‘Ol Mountain Woman and HillBilly. You see they all camp in RV’s. I grew up tent camping. My parents took us kids camping every summer because it’s a cheap vacation when you have 4 kids. My dad and I did a lot camping together too. We really roughed it. Some of my favorite vacations were spent with him in some remote state park. I remember camping a couple of times were you just walked in, cleared a spot and pitched your tent. No facilities whatsoever. Great fun! See? Campers, thats where the Aunt’s and Uncles park their campers. I am standing in the parking space right in front of Uncle Gary and Aunt Virginia’s cabin.

Here is the great pavilion. It’s attached to the garage. It reminds me of a State Park or something. It just looks so professional. Did I mention that Uncle Gary is a retired contractor? Each family has their own picnic table and there is a tiny bench at the end of each picnic table for you to put your picnic basket on with all of your paper goods and condiments. Very cool.

Right over here is where most all of the sillyness goes on. Right around that fire pit. That is also the birth place of some fantastic campfire breakfasts and some really, really, fantastic chicken (check back tomorrow for those).
Well I think that’s enough for today…stop by tomorrow for the gourmet experiences that occured over the weekend! Tomorrow’s theme…campfire food.


3 Responses to Memorial Day Weekend (Part 1)

  1. Chris says:

    Wow, I would’ve guessed you were at a state park or something!

  2. Brigitte says:

    Wow, it looks so wonderful!!! I love camping and roughing it.

    Mmmm…campfire food…nothing like it! Everything tastes better.

  3. Heather says:

    Woohoo for tent camping!

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