What in the blue blazes? Part 3

What fun we had…there was heart pounding extreme water sports…

Yeah, only Elizabeth was brave enough, I sat that one out.

In the afternoons the men would drag out the “Washer Pitch”. This is something completely foreign to me, I had never heard of it until moving to SC Pennsylvania. It’s basically two narrow boards with 3 holes in each one. You have large washers that you pitch into the holes. I still have no idea how the scoring goes. I know that you can take other opponents points away. It’s all very confusing, but very fun to listen to the heckling. It’s a “gentlemen’s sport”. I remember last year when I asked if I could play, you would’ve thought I had three heads the way they looked at me. I was told to go get the other set out of the garage and have the Aunts play with me.

Now, as I mentioned in previous posts, my husbands family is a bit nutty. I fit right in. When we are camping, everyone tends to get real silly, especially…Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob is “that” Uncle. You know the one. He tells really awful jokes, all the kids think he’s weird. He’s the best. He has an imaginary dog named Spot. He will whistle and call Spot when it’s time to go to bed at night. Uncle Bob insisted that Spot slept in our tent to keep the bears away. When it’s 80 degrees out he complains that he’s chilly and needs a coat. He informed me that he forgot to pack his snow shovel in case it snowed. At one point during the weekend he was walking around with clothes pins clipped all over his beard. And every year at Sunday Night Story Telling, he retells the famous Hoss’s Diarrhea incident. It never changes, but also never fails to have everyone just roaring with laughter.

Here’s Uncle Bob taking my picture with his “camera” while I take a picture of him with mine. He gets the best photos…

OK on to Sunday Night, our featured entertainment is a new group (formed last year). The Upper Horse Valley Gang. Let me tell you, these guys are talented. Not just anyone can play in this group. It took Uncle Bob years and years of practice and discipline to play “the pot”. Please, take a few minutes and check this out. It’s really quite silly.

Upper Horse Valley Gang’s #1 hit single

Even worse…someone brought a karaoke machine this year and three of the guys decided they could sing…Elvira. We were all just about rolling in the grass listening to them. I laughed so hard I had tears coming down my face. Enjoy!

Elvira…well sort of

Maybe if you’re all good boys and girls, you can come along too. Oh and did I mention all the knitting I got done while I was there? NO??? Well perhaps that will be in the next post. πŸ˜‰


8 Responses to What in the blue blazes? Part 3

  1. LOL, next year I’m coming with!

  2. keanalee says:

    Looks like you had so much fun, I want to go there, I love to camp.

  3. Chris says:

    No, not a karaoke machine! Eeek.

  4. Brigitte says:

    Karaoke machine, eh? Hee hee… Um, so what? No pictures of Spot?? Oh c’mon!

  5. Mom says:

    What a hoot! I hope they don’t quit their day jobs! πŸ˜‰

  6. Super fun! Never seen that game either, but it has some resemblance to horseshoes.

  7. normaknits says:

    What a lot of fun. Great detailed rundowns!!!

  8. Pooch says:

    Looks like everyone is having a grand time!!

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