The Mannings

Sooo, guess what I did this weekend? I died and went to heaven, well, at least I hope that this is what heaven is like. My blogless friend, Mel and her son and I took a trip to East Berlin, PA. We went to a fiber fiend’s paradise called The Mannings. Oh-My-Goodness. That’s really all I can say. The fiber, the color, the variety. Room after room of fibery goodness.

Giddy doesn’t even cover it folks. Every time I caught my breath I would step into yet another room jam packed full of marvelous colors and textures, and lose my breath all over again.

There was a room full of spinning wheels. A room full of looms. Even a room full of knitters. I wish I had taken more pictures, I knew I should have taken more pictures.

Here is the wall of sock yarn. Wow, I really hope I didn’t drool on any.

This is Carol helping out Mel and her son with some spinning questions. She is very kind, knowledgeable, and so helpful. She answered our ten million and one questions. She even helped me figure out how many yards of mohair I had from a skein I bought eons ago. Ladies and Gents, Carol is the quintessential fiber hostess.

Mel has a wheel, I do not…*sigh*. I did however get to spin on a wheel for the first time and I picked it right up. I can’t say how well I did, but I did it. Rhinebeck has officially been sloughed off for yet another year as I save for my wheel. I tried out several wheels and fell in love with this Ashford castle style wheel.

The outside was simply lovely as well. I believe this is the residence, and the supply center is just behind. All you long distance travelers can stay in the farmhouse when attending classes.

There is a pond nearby where the men can fish while the wives put dents in their credit cards. We sat out front in Adirondack rocking chairs and knit and laughed and knit some more.

I promise there was no alcohol involved, we were just having that good a time.

And of course, like any yarn shop (I feel like I am belittling The Mannings by calling it a mere yarn shop) worth their salt, they had a cat.

We ended up staying most of the day. We grabbed lunch from a convenience store and headed right back, where we parked ourselves on the picnic table and ate in the sunshine.

In conclusion: My pictures do not even come close to doing The Mannings justice. Go yourself! And thank you Carol, thank you so much. You made our trip so memorable. We will be back very soon. Did I mention their huge selection of knitting, spinning, and weaving books…..

What did I buy? Well, that will have to wait until tomorrow.


7 Responses to The Mannings

  1. Chris says:

    Wow – I’ll have to add it to my list of must-see places!

  2. See, now these are the times when I’m GLAD that my blogger pals all live far away. Less realistic temptation.

  3. Terri Lynn says:

    Okay, I found you while making a comment on Pooch’s blog, Yarn-Knit-Read and jsut have to ask if you live anywhere near Pittsburg and if the Mannings are near? I need to visit my son who lives in Washington, Pa, get my drift, enabler? lol

  4. Bonne Marie says:


    Thanks so much for the fab trip report! I am now dying to take a road trip to PA to delight in this incredible paradise of fiber — you lucky dog!

    (Those are really cute pictures of you guys too – how nice to sit out onda *porch* and knit a spell. I have been *intoxicated* by yarn myself — hee.)

  5. amandacathleen says: I so want to go now!! I can’t wait to see what you brought home with you! Sure looks like you all had a fantastic time.
    oh, poo! No Rhinebeck? I guess I’ll have to talk Mike into a trip then huh? : )

  6. Brigitte says:


    Sound of me passing out and falling to the ground.

  7. Stacey says:

    Man, that looks likea great place to go. That would be a great trip, except for the fact that I’d probably end up with more yarn than I have room for!

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