Oh forgive me olive sock, it won’t happen again…

Hello Possums! I know, it’s been a while, but I’ve been busy…doing…um, stuff. Yeah. Ok, Ok, Ok, so I’m tired. I don’t sleep well during a full moon. I have no idea why, perhaps I am out howling at the moon and terrorizing small villages, I don’t know. Alas, my knitting mojo has been killed by my latest project. Remember those socks I am knitting for my Dad?

Yes, the ones that I started a month ago. Two pairs, small purl pattern on the calf for texture, and the rest stockinette. Needless to say, a month should have been more than sufficient to finish them. Except I hit a road bump. After I was 3/4 of the way through the first pair (I had one finished and was 1/2 way through the other) when I realized how thick they were knitting up. (Knitters, why do we not admit these truths to ourselves in the beginning? Why do we always insist blocking will set things right?) These are supposed to be light-breathable cotton summer socks, and these suckers were knitting up bullet-proof! Kevlar Socks! I was seriously contemplating a contract with the military.

So I frogged, and started them all over on size 4 needles instead of size 2. You could actually hear the yarn give an audible sigh of relief as it relaxed. Anywho, the blue pair I finished in a snap (the ones that were finished in Gettysburg), but the olive pair…We aren’t speaking to each other, apparently my adulterous mind is wandering. I pick up the needles of the olive pair and begin to knit when suddenly my gaze travels over to that beautiful Hot Pepper yarn I spun, just recently cast on for a cabled winter hat. A smile traces my lips, “HEY! Um, hello, I am right here in your hands! I see what you are doing!” My attention is brought back to the olive sock laying in my hand, feeling rejected. “Oh, sorry.” I mumble and begin knitting again. Then I think of my beautifully soft lace stole that I haven’t knit a stitch on in well over a month. I think of the fine thin thread moving through my fingers, the way the needles feel so small…”You’re doing it AGAIN!?!?” “Huh? Oh, yeah, right sorry, aren’t you at the heel turn yet?” Worse yet…that spinning wheel, sits there calling my name, speaking to me of the pleasure of roving moving through my fingers… how can I resist it’s siren song!

What can I say in my defense, the spark is gone, but I made a commitment, a commitment that I will hold true to. See? I am even working out my problems with my sock at work…

…um never mind.

Oh yes, and quick while the olive sock isn’t looking. Look at what I made. Shhhh, this is just between us, don’t tell the olive sock. I just don’t think it could take another one of my “indiscretions”.

Mittens? Socks? Ugh, no, that’s a dirty word right now. This spun up so nice, it looks just like dark chocolate and berries. I told my friend mittens might be dangerous as I don’t know if I could keep from licking my palms. It just looks so…edible!


7 Responses to Oh forgive me olive sock, it won’t happen again…

  1. LOL, you need a good runner of drool in that photo.

    Ooo… pretty yarn. Want a pattern for that too? 🙂

  2. So, you’re a new spinner too?! I just inherited a spinning wheel (long story) and have no idea what I’m doing yet. I don’t even know if I got it put together right. There’s no “directions” or “user’s manual”.
    You seem to be doing a great job with the socks and the spinning though.
    I’m a bit handicapped in the “finishing” department. I start way more projects than I can ever finish.
    You go ……..

  3. Chris says:

    Oh, such pretty yarn you made!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Very yummy yarn! And it’s so nice and smooth – you must have been a spinner in a previous life.

    Olive sock will forgive you…well, maybe.

    Thanks for the comments on my socks. I’ll post the pattern when I get around to writing it down.

  5. Pooch says:

    So you are attracted to many projects…you cannot be monogamous. Tell olive sock. Tell him now. Lay it all out there gently and honestly. You cannot commit, but you can be very good friends. There will times when you can be together…just not ALL the time.

    Chocolate and berries? Who could resist?


  6. Brigitte says:

    Hee hee, you crack me up! I have the SAME conversations with my WIP’s too! Who knew?!

    Ooooo, a nice scarf would be nice, but mittens…now there’s a good idea too.

  7. Heh! That yarn is very pretty! And BTDT… my mom loves cotton socks (eg Sugar n Cream) knit very tightly. After 3 pair, I begged off making any more. : )

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