Can I get off the merry go round yet?

September 30, 2007

This past month has been crazy! I feel like I’ve been on an amusement park ride and while everything that’s happened has been great…I’m ready to get off for a while. So this weekend I’ve been digging through my stash looking for colors that work for both a girl or a boy. We aren’t going to find out the sex…unless it’s twins, which yes is a possibility in my family and because of a few other factors I recently found out while studying “What To Expect”. Anywho, I have this very soft merino in a nice greeny teal so I whipped up a baby hat. Of course this baby is going to be born at the end of May or the beginning of June so I am making hats extra big ’cause they won’t need it for a while.

We have knick named the baby “Tad”, short for tadpole. The monkey and I love it, the hubby hates it. Oh well. So here is Tad’s first hat. Something I just whipped up.


Also my super secret knitting is nearly done, and it’s also not super secret anymore. It’s a birthday sweater for my mom which I was making great time on and would have had it finished with time to spare, but ya know that whole job and baby thing. It was a little distracting. All that’s left is to do the sleeve shaping, seam it up, then knit the cowl neck. I can’t wait to see it on my mom. She looks great in this color and she had a cowl neck sweater years ago that always was very flattering.



Partner In Crime

September 24, 2007

So, I’m sure you’re all wondering what my job is right? No, well, Cynthia is anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s the scoop. My hubby’s boss called me one afternoon and said he may have found a job for me. He was kind enough to pimp my resume. He said his friend was the principal agent for a well known national insurance agency and had lost two people in the past two weeks and was looking for someone specific. So, he faxed him my resume, I in turn faxed my cover letter and letter of reference. He called me and we set up an interview. I had no idea what, exactly, I was interviewing for. All I knew was it was in insurance.

I showed up that Monday and it was amazing. The job duties are identical to what I used to do at the bank only with insurance instead of investments, plus some administrative work. The best part is, that here, not only do I get to book the appointments, I get to make the sale and collect commission. He said he was basically looking for a partner in crime. I told him that’s what I do, and I’d love it if that were on my business cards.

I work for the principal agent, not the big national company, which is pretty cool, big corporate backing, with the small town feel. It’s a small office, there’s only four of us: two of whom are retirement age and very sweet. My boss is great. He’s very laid back and very excited to have me on board. He keeps telling me he knows I am going to do very well here. He’s great. He is going to put my strengths as a social networker to use as well by sending me out to shmooze at the local Chamber’s of Commerce. I love this job and I’m really excited about the opportunities involved. And he took us all out to lunch today to celebrate my first day. Hows that for a cool boss?!


September 19, 2007

Okay, not to trump my own story, but yes I have a super cool new job. Yes I start on Monday. Yes, it’s flexible and everything I was looking for, but, but, but…

I’M PREGNANT! How cool is that?!? We are all so excited. We found out last night. The Monkey said, “Can we FINALLY look at baby clothes now?” She’s going to be the very best big sister in the world! The hubby is beside himself and so sweet. I can’t tell you how many times today he’s said, “I love you sweety.” He even kissed my belly this morning.

I am exstatic! Yay! Yay! Yay! I want to drop everything on my needles and knit little bitty baby things. *sigh*

P.S. The new boss was very supportive and said “Congratulations!” Let me tell you, that was an awkward phone call for me to make.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

September 17, 2007

This concludes our brief intermission, we now return you to our previously scheduled program…LIFE!

I have a job. It’s a good one. I am super excited! Details to follow in a day or two!

Holy Bouncing Rocks Batman!

September 13, 2007

Let me paint a picture for you. It’s Tuesday morning, the rain is just pouring down. I wake up to my semi-annual fall sinus infection. I get ready for work, slogging about the house. Finally, I’m ready to go, I grab my stuff and head out the door. I am glad because I am leaving early today, I won’t be stuck behind all the school buses this morning. I throw my stuff in the passenger side. Go around, hop in on the driver’s side and put my keys in the ignition and look up to see this…

What? … Um, what? I look down and realize I am sitting in little teeny slivers of glass, they are everywhere. So I climb out and shake the glass off my butt and there is the culprit, laying in the gravel right next to my car.

My first thought was vandalism, but my husband insisted that there is no one around us who would do something like that. He reminded me of all the dumptrucks that drive crazy fast around the corner that we live on, and assured me it was an accident.

So here’s the cool part. I called the Monkey’s dad and said that we wouldn’t be able to make the drive this weekend because of the windshield. He said, ok, that’s fine, not much we can do about it. Well, we had one extra ticket left for Women of Faith, so now the Monkey gets to go, and she’s really wanted to go. So she’s terribly excited. And, we have amazing car insurance so there will be no expense to us. God is pretty cool in the ways he works.

Update, as requested by Cynthia

September 10, 2007

Well, guess what folks, even though you have been laid off from your job. Life goes on. Funny isn’t it? And here I thought it would stop long enough for me to find a job, but life marches steadily on. Oh well I have until Sept. 28th. I know God has something amazing in store for me! My dear friend Cynthia sent me a comment which requested some information, an update if you will. Here is what she wanted to know:

1. Resume – done?
2. Sunday paper – gone through with fine-tooth comb?
3. Knitting – progress? (even if itโ€™s a tiny bit?)
4. Spinning – any?
5. Doing something fun with the Monkey? (this is the only required bit)

Let’s start from the top shall we!

1. Resume – never let it get dusty, updated coverletter, got a glowing reference letter from boss.

2. Sunday paper – Checked, mailed out envelopes to every bank and a couple other places, I have friends and family scouring the town like bloodhounds.

3. Knitting – Lots…um, yeah, lots. Apparently getting laid off leads to a major case of startitus.

Item #1: Ankle Socks for me.

Item #2: Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch facecloth for a good friend.
Item #3: Addictive and pretty faceclothes for Christmas presents
Item #4 : My mittens for Warm Up The Winter

Item #5: Monkey Socks…everyone else is doing it sooo…
Item #6 Kids hat for Warm Up The Winter

Item #7: First half of Print O the Wave Stole

Item #8: Super Secret Knitting…the recipient is lucky that we aren’t the same size…this is sooo soft!

4. Spinning- Yep that too! It’s a bad picture, but shows the colors. I spun this into fingering weight. It’s just gorgeous, another one from Spunky Eclectic. Amy King is my hero!

5. Doing something fun with the Monkey? Heck ya, packed the fambly up on Sat. and headed to a little state park near us and had a picnic and went swimming! It was just what we all needed!

So thanks for checking in. We are doing fine. I’ll keep you posted on the job front. Maybe if I end up on unemployment for a while it would give me time to update my Ravelry.

I got nothin’

September 6, 2007

No pics, although I have been knitting. No job, although I have been looking. No sleep last night, although I was trying. I only have one thing to say…

Thank Goodness it’s Thursday! Stitch ‘n Bitch is tonight at Starbucks!

We got our first package for Warm Up The Winter this week. A white hat and three pairs of mittens! Thank you! I am not putting names up on the blog, as some people wish to remain anonymous. Keep ’em comin’ folks!