My head is spinning…

I’m not sure if you guys remember me, my name is Tracey. I have a blog…fuzzybritches. Yeah, it’s been a while. So the job is going…well, let’s just say it’s going. The verdict is still out on it. I am studying frantically to pass my Pennsylvania Property and Casualty test next Wednesday.

Anywho, on to more important things. Knitting.

Who is that vixen in the soft lilac halo? That red haired knockout in that fuzzy purple sweater? It’s Mom, looking smashing in the sweater I knit for her. It really did turn out great. The specs: Merino Stripes Cowl Neck Pullover, knit with KnitPicks Suri Dream in Lilac Heather. It was a bargain and knit up exactly to gauge. It turned out beautifully!

We went up to NY this past weekend to visit family and we had a great time. My Aunt and Uncle from Florida were up (Hi Aunt Breeenda!) and so we had an impromptu early Thanksgiving. Friday all of us girls climbed in the car and spent the day wandering around upstate NY. We went here. It was amazing, if you get the chance…GO! Let me tell you, hanging out with my family gave me enough blog fodder for two weeks worth of posts. Lets just say that when we get together, things get silly…more on that later.

Oh yes, and the other knitting. God’s been knitting…see? Say hi to everyone Tad!

Measuing a little over a centimeter. Isn’t technology amazing?!

He’s upside down in this picture so I drew a “roadmap”.

Oh and NO, we don’t know the sex, it’s just that everyone has called him…well, “him” and “he”. I don’t know. If it is a girl, we will be in the dog house I’m sure and paying therapy bills because we gave her a complex.


6 Responses to My head is spinning…

  1. Brigitte says:

    Hi Tad!! So, your Mom does look great, nice picture and a GREAT colour. Lucky her… Now go study!

  2. The sweater turned out great! And how cute is Tad? I can’t believe that the picture is so clear.

  3. Thanks for the Roadmap, I needed a bit of help seeing Tad. : )

    Your moms sweater is simply divine!

  4. atu says:

    the mom sweater is gorgeous.. but she doesn’t look old enough to be a grandma. Seeing pictures of the Tad must be fantastic. In French, le bébé is masculine, regardless of whether it is a girl or boy child, so in Tad’s present state, it’s perfectly acceptable to be called a ‘him’/’he’.

  5. Keanalee says:

    Look how tiny he is, so cute! Sweater is awesome & the Socks that Rock colorway is SoCktOpus!

  6. Keanalee says:

    Look how tiny he is, so cute! Sweater is awesome & the Socks that Rock colorway is SoCktOpus!

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