Heavenly Needles

The funeral was beautiful. The whole day was a celebration of life and family. It was hard to be sad. My Aunt Bev saw me knitting and told me that she made sure Grandma had a pair of her knitting needles in her hand. She said, “She’s got to have a pair for heaven.” I personally think that you get to trade your old ones in for gold ones that are light as air.

I stopped by this great quilt shop while I was in NY, The Fieldstone House, and we picked out 1930’s nursery prints to do the nursery in. We are doing our crib set, curtains, etc. in green, yellow, blue, and red, each color fabric has a different nursery rhyme on it. I will post pics when I can get some in the light. Also, I am working up a Print O’ The Wave stole for a missionary in Haiti. I got a lot done on that this weekend too. Again, pics will follow when the sun is up.

Thank you to everyone for your kind words. You folks are the best!


3 Responses to Heavenly Needles

  1. Brigitte says:

    I’m glad everything went smoothly. I should be a celebration of life, that’s for sure. She’s probably have a great time knitting away with Elizabeth Zimmerman right about now!

  2. meg says:

    Oh, yes — that’s how a Christian funeral should be. She’s “graduated”, as my Dad says, to the Lords Presence. I agree about the needles, they must be beautiful, and the yarn the most sublime colors. I can try to imagine the spindles & wheels, too :o).

  3. How wonderful that someone thought to put knitting needles in with her. That made me tear up.

    Just think, she’s now spending eternity with her own private LYS, where all the yarn is free, all the dyelots match and there’s never any knots in the yarn.

    I can’t wait to see the pics for the nursery. Do we ever get a belly shot? I LOOOOOVE baby bellies.

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