Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat chewed my needles

A trip to Target, or Walmart, or even Baby’s R Us, and you will find a baby section filled with lots of teeny adorable baby doo-dads. Little clothes, wee booties, nursery sets, all in soft pastels with Disney characters or little jungle animals on them, or trains or flowers. Let me tell you it’s enough to make me puke! I went the Disney route with the last baby, lets just say my tastes have matured a little over the past 12 years. Yes, those sweet little pastels are very cute, but honestly, they aren’t in the sweet little pastel age long anyway. I want color! I want something that every mother in the labor and delivery room hasn’t done! I want something to catch the eye! I want something new and original! So, I went to the past. 1930’s to be exact. On our trip back home to NY I stopped into a well kept secret quilter’s paradise. The Fieldstone House. I found exactly what I was looking for. I used to come here when the Monkey was tiny and get fabric for the sweetest dresses. I remembered these specific patterns and it just so happens they still have them. After 12 years, can you believe it? 1930’s Nursery Rhyme Prints!

Exactly the splash of color I was looking for!
Jack and Jill
Alice in Wonderland (not really sure she qualifies as a nursery rhyme)
The Naughty Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens
And of course, Hey Diddle Diddle

My super talented Mom B. is a quilter and she has been given a yard each of this fabric so we are very excited to see what kind of quilt will be going into the crib of this wee one. She asked if we had a quilt pattern preference and we said no, it’s more exciting to see what she will come up with. She’s incredibly talented. Oh did I mention she does custom jobs and restorations? All by hand? Pst me if you are ever in need of an amazing quilter. 😉

On the needles: A Print O’ The Wave Stole by the lovely Eunny Jang. This will be going to a missionary in Haiti. I though in Haiti you wouldn’t want a traditional prayer shawl, as they are very bulky. Evanrude even joined in to help me “hold” the first half still whilst I snapped the picture. What a cat. The yarn was hand died by the wonderful 2Trees over at World of Yarncraft. It was a surprise tucked in with her Warm Up The Winter donations. I don’t remember specifically what it is as the cat has seen fit to knock the postcard under the refrigerator. I believe it’s merino. This picture does not do the color justice. It has a lovely almost mottled undertone to it. It reminds me of green marble.

And of course a baby cap to wear in the hospital. Unisex of course, we are still going to keep it a surprise. Evanrude decided to chew on my needles until I told him about May and Chaos’s career in bib modeling. I guess he figured that hat wouldn’t look good on him.


5 Responses to Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat chewed my needles

  1. Cynthia says:

    I’ve done a fair amount of quilting and love the 30’s repro fabric. Can’t wait to see what what mom B. will do with it!

    Lovely, lovely stole. The receiver is very lucky.

    I still have Emy teeth marks on a set of my dpns. They match the Emy teeth marks on my hand, actually. I get reminded of her every time I use those dpns.

  2. Pooch says:

    Those fabric prints are so precious! That will be a beautiful quilt!! I thought Evenrude was knitting. I really do think he cranked out the knitting and you’re trying to keep a secret about your fantastic knitting cat!

  3. You know, I saw the cat’s paw on the shawl and mistook it for a big hole.

    I love the fabrics. Especially the Alice one.

  4. 2trees says:

    love those fabrics! When is your due date?

  5. Brigitte says:

    Aw Evanrude, you’re so funny! *pat pat pat* And you learn quickly!

    Very nice fabric!

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