Let the countdown begin.

February 26, 2008

Three more days until I am a stay at home mom again. For a about six months anyway, unless the good Lord really has a nice surprise for us. I can not even begin to tell you how excited that makes me. I really loved my time with the Monkey as a stay at home mom. I had a neighbor who used to call me the Domestic Goddess. I am really in my element at home. I have a whole list of things I’m planning to do before baby arrives: sewing, baking (once the new stove arrives), cleaning, getting the nursery ready, and of course…knitting! See?

Finally, the “baby knitting bug” has bit me, and bit me hard. We went to JoAnne Fabrics this weekend so I could pick up extra fabric and notions for the nursery set I am making and I stumbled across the Sugar ‘n Cream. I am a huge fan of the bibs and the burp clothes in Mason Dixon Knitting so 14 super size skeins found their way into my cart. Two of each color, that’s enough to make two burp cloths and one bib in each color. Chris, I need some help with the whole kitty bib modeling. I just can’t seem to get Evanrude to sit still long enough. Also I cast on with Believe, from Classic Elite, a cotton rayon blend from my stash for a hooded pullover for Tad. I’m using a free pattern from Bernatt. This is hard not knowing boy or girl. BTW, we still haven’t decided on a boys name, I want a good strong Irish name. I really like Finn and Seamus. Any suggestions?


The Bestest Gigi Ever

February 21, 2008

I am very lucky, because unlike most of you, I have a Gigi. And she is an awesome Gigi. If my Gigi knows you, and everyone else in your life forgot your birthday, you would at least get a birthday card from her. And it would be handmade.When you go to her house for lunch she makes fried squash sandwiches and Pink Elephants for desserts. It’s this wild jello-ey thing that is yummy. Because, well, she’s the best! Wanna know how much the best?

When I was a child Gigi made me this:

It is the “Tails” blanket. If you look closely, all the animals’ tails hang off the blanket. I loved this thing. You have no idea how much. When the Monkey was born, I reluctantly shared it with her…not passed it onto her because, ya know…IT’S MINE! Well, after my divorce, it went missing. I have a very strong feeling as to what happened to it, which I will not go into detail for fear of becoming extremely angry. Let’s just say for all intensive purposes, it’s gone. And this sucks a lot.

Well, this Christmas mom plopped a box in my lap from Gigi. Now I was really nervous about this present because mom was hovering with the camera while I unwrapped it and Gigi watched from across the room. I thought for sure there was a baby or a puppy or a Faberge egg or something of the like in the box. I opened it up and inside was a plastic bag, and all I could see in the plastic bag was this mass of fringe and I’m thinking, “What the heck is this?” Then I opened it, and saw that it was yellow and blue fringe, and well I started crying because I knew it was the Tails blanket. Another one, you have no idea how much time and love was invested in the crocheting of the first one and my Gigi loved me so much she did it all over again. Thanks Gigi! You are the bestest! I love you.

This is what happens when you give a pregnant lady a piece of her childhood. Best part? Gigi said I don’t have to share it with the baby.


February 21, 2008

Well folks, in 8 more days I will be unemployed. I have never been unemployed before. Since I started working, after my divorce, I haven’t missed a beat between jobs. I have always left a job on Friday and started the new one that Monday. I am a little nervous, at this point we don’t even know if I can get unemployment benefits, we are 90% certain I can, but you know me…I only see the 10%. On the other hand, I am really looking forward to this break. I have spent 6 out of the nine months I will be pregnant stressing out about my crappy job. It’s going to be nice to just enjoy being pregnant. It’s going to be nice having a clean house and dinner on the table. I really need this break. I have needed it for about a year now, maybe even longer. It’s funny, I still am of the mindset that I would much rather be gainfully employed, but no one seems to want to hire a 6 month pregnant woman, no matter how good her qualifications are. Pffft, picky.

I promise, once the unemployed thing begins…I will be blogging a plenty. My biggest fear as I head into this season of my life is that I will run out of yarn and not have money to buy more. I know, I know, it’s a scary thought at 8 in the morning.

The dirty little f-word…

February 13, 2008

Sorry no posts for a while and sorry for not reading others’s blogs. The flu has come to visit our house, courtesy of my less than courteous boss. In case most of you don’t already know better, and I’m sure you do: if you have the flu, or are sick with flu-like symptoms, stay home, don’t do us all a “service” and traipse your germ infested self into work. Especially when your employees consist of two older folks and a pregnant person, the very people you are supposed to avoid. I’m feeling…well, like crap. Apparently when you are pregnant you don’t get to take any of the fun and horribly expensive flu meds. You get tylenol and robitussin and a vaporizer. The hubby is feeling worse. He got it several days after me. He’s on Tamiflu or something? This stuff is $80 after your insurance picks up their portion. We have been blessed so far in that the Monkey hasn’t got it. Starting tonight, our wonderful church family will be bringing us dinner for the next 6 days as we recover. What wonderful ladies. I have something amazingly wonderful to post about when I get better. It’s my Christmas present from my Gigi. In the meantime, I need to go back to sleep. Stay warm and healthy everyone.

P.S. If you see one of my lungs, I think I hacked one up this morning around 6:15…I kind of need it back, call me.

She is done!

February 3, 2008

This turned out beautiful!Tomorrow it will be wrapped up and on Wednesday it will make it’s trip to Haiti to be given to a missionary. It is covered in prayer and love and I hope that the recipient feels God’s peace every time she wraps it around her shoulders. Here she is blocked out.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to the knitting. I have a few gripes about the Print O The Wave Stole pattern. There are several parts (the eyelet round in particular) that are poorly written, the directions are unclear as to when to move the marker. I asked several ladies on Ravelry who have already knit this about it. Three of them said the couldn’t figure it out so they fudged it and the other two were able to figure out when the markers were supposed to be moved. Also, this pattern has errata in it. None of which can be found on the website where the pattern is up for download. Nor does it say on the website that the pattern even has errata. Let me tell you I was on the verge of tears this past Monday because I was so frustrated. I figured I had better put the knitting down and step away for a while. So I did, back to ravelry where someone mentioned errata on this pattern. The only way I found the errata was by googling “Print O The Wave errata”. While visiting the forum that had the errata listed I also got another shocker. The pattern calls for 800 yards of laceweight, on this forum, Eunny mentions that it actually takes more around 900 yards. Well that’s just wonderful. Again, it would be nice if you had put this up with the pattern. So, this left me with not enough yarn to finish my stole and wondering what the heck I was supposed to do, this yarn was hand dyed. I didn’t have enough to do the edging all the way around, so I decided to make my own edging up using the eyelet and miter rounds in the pattern.

In hindsight this pattern is beautiful. I do still plan on making one for myself. I heard that this was one of Eunny’s first published patterns, hence the errata. Well, she is an accomplished designer now, and has been for some time. Please Eunny, take a few minutes and update your site with the errata. I think it would be awfully considerate of you and save us a lot of frustration.

“Hmmm, hey mom, is that a dropped stitch?”